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Gourmet eateries, Costa Blanca

It would be a crime to visit Costa Blanca and not pay a visit to one of the great many gourmet eateries located along the coastline. Offering a wide range of choice, Costa Blanca is filled with fine dining opportunities, promising an eating experience you will not soon forget.

Pay a visit to La Finca for the ultimate gourmet experience. Each plate is like a work of art; crafted to perfection, La Finca’s cuisine is considered to be some of the finest in all of Spain, which is why tables are in high demand.

Puerto Blanco in Calpe has also proven to be astoundingly popular with those in search of a fine dining experience. This gourmet restaurant prides itself on serving exquisite Mediterranean dishes that look every bit as dazzling as they taste. The ambience is also a favourite with patrons, providing a beautiful pool to dine beside; this is especially breath-taking during the evening.