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Sabor, Costa Blanca

Sabor combines a simple and clean atmosphere with absolutely incredible cuisine to make it stand out from the other restaurants in Altea. Sabor can be found in front of the nautical club and is one of the most sought-after eateries in the whole of Costa Blanca. It is renowned for its delightful décor, first-rate service and, of course, exquisite food. In fact, it possesses a Certificate of Excellence.

The restaurant is situated very conveniently at the start of a long seafront, making it a very popular choice. Each dish is crafted into a work of art, no matter what you decide to order – it really is a shame to have to cut into Sabor’s delectable cuisine.

Open for most of the day, it attracts quite a lunchtime crowd thanks to its lunch menu. However, there are also special menus for special occasions, making Sabor the perfect eatery to reserve if you are in Costa Blanca for a special occasion.