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Bioparc Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol

Bioparc Fuengirola is a zoo that prides itself on being very animal-friendly. The animals live in areas reflecting their natural habitat, encouraging their development. In total, more than 200 animal species live in Bioparc and many of them are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered.

As you wander through this simulated tropical forest, lush with vegetation, rivers, and waterfalls, you’ll see crocodiles basking on the sandy shores of the Nile, Sumatran tigers bathing beside Angkor Wat, lemurs playing around an ancient Baobab tree and bats flitting around abandoned mines. You can also see meerkats, giant snails, river hogs, gibbons, hornbills and rainbow loris monkeys. Wherever you go in Bioparc, the only thing between you and the animals are natural barriers like bridges and riverbanks, or bulletproof windows that allow you to get right up close, even to razor-sharp crocodile teeth.

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