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Avenida del Mar, Costa Del Sol

Avenida del Mar is a modern urban square linking the Alameda park with the Paseo Maritimo (seafront promenade). It is adorned with fountains, pergolas, and a collection of sculptures by Salvador Dali. The square is lined with shaded seating beside the ponds and fountains and there is plenty of room to walk around the sculptures in order to fully appreciate and admire them.

There are ten sculptures in total, with the centrepiece being the Avenida del Mar which is a 1992 pyramid shaped fountain honouring the architects Roberto Barrios and Elisa Cepedano. It is quite amazing that you are able to see these incredible statues, which are equal to any museum collection, in the street and at no charge.

You can walk up through the park and fountain into the old quarter, another beautiful area with a number of bars and cafes and well worth a visit.