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Can Majo, Spain

Can Majo is a classy, family-owned seafood restaurant located nearby to the port of Barcelona. The friendly service and classy cuisine make it a favourite amongst visitors to Barcelona, with the shellfish paella and lobster dishes proving to be especially exquisite.

Can Majo source their ingredients fresh from the sea every day, using the best suppliers in the local area; ensuring you get a taste of Barcelona when eating here. The chefs make sure that these precious ingredients don’t go to waste, too, preparing each meal with keen attention to detail to ensure everyone is as close to perfection as possible.

The Caldero de Arroz Bogavante, which is a lobster dish prepared and served with rice, is a speciality of Can Majo and is a particularly popular choice. There is a selection of lavish appetizers available, too, including tasty crayfish, and Andalusian style baby cuttlefish which they call “chipirones a la andaluza,” so make sure you arrive hungry and ready for a big meal.