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Activities, Tunisia

Tunisia offers you a diverse range of activities to try, from scuba diving to riding camels in the incredible desert. Hot air balloon rides are a relaxing way of taking in the scenic landscape here, as well as taking a soothing ride on the Red Lizard Train. Alternatively, taste local delicacies on a boat trip while exploring Tunisia’s enchanting coastline.

Bike Tours

Tunisia is home to an array of immersive landscapes, intricate architecture and quaint towns and cities, all of which can be discovered on two wheels for an exciting adventure off the beaten track. Embark on a two-wheel adventure with Le Lemon Tour and choose to either take a self-guided tour…


Boat Trips

Tunisia is a country filled with captivating landscapes and landmarks, all of which can be enjoyed up close or from afar on an exciting boat trip. There are plenty of different boat excursions available for you to enjoy, from small boat trips to pirate cruises along the shore.


Bulla Regia Tours

Bulla Regia is an incredible archaeological site and former town, located in northern Tunisia. During your getaway, you can book tours to see this captivating sightseeing spot to explore its remarkable history. History and culture buffs will love tours of this old town.


Camel Rides

Venture on an exciting sunrise or sunset Sahara cruise by camel ride when visiting beautiful Tunisia, which takes travellers across this incredible desert the traditional way. Embark on a sunset camel trek from Douz with Viator, where you will ride on a camel across to the Douz dunes.


Carthageland Hammamet

Carthageland Hammamet is an exciting, adventurous amusement park located in Tunisia. Whoever you are travelling with, whether it be your family, yourself or your partner, you are sure to enjoy a day out to this thriving theme park, jam-packed with adventure.


Hot Air Balloon Rides

Do you want to embark on an activity that is both thrilling and relaxing during your holiday to Tunisia? If so, a hot air balloon ride should definitely be on your agenda when travelling around this beautiful North African country.


Off-Road Tours

There are a host of off-road adventure tours to embark on during your trip over to Tunisia, from dune buggy rides speeding across the gorgeous Sahara desert to 4×4 ventures off the beaten track. Buggy & Bike offer immersive tours that are sure to impress adrenaline-junkies…


Red Lizard Train

The Red Lizard Train, originally built in France back in the 19th century, is a favourite pastime for locals and tourists visiting this wonderful country since this activity takes you across the scenic rock canyons of southern Tunisia.


Scuba Diving

During your holiday to Tunisia, why not venture underwater to see the colourful coral and sea life which fill the glistening sea waters? There is a host of scuba diving adventures to book onto on your getaway, which will certainly keep you occupied.



A trip to Tunisia isn’t the same if you don’t try out the amazing activities on offer here, so why not start off your adventures with a spot of windsurfing along Tunisia’s gorgeous coastline? Whether you’re already a pro or a beginner to this interesting sport, get stuck in during your holiday…