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Activities, Tunisia

Tunisia offers you a diverse range of activities to try, from scuba diving to riding camels in the incredible desert. Hot air balloon rides are a relaxing way of taking in the scenic landscape here, as well as taking a soothing ride on the Red Lizard Train. Alternatively, taste local delicacies on a boat trip while exploring Tunisia’s enchanting coastline.

Bike Tours

Tunisia is home to an array of immersive landscapes, intricate architecture and quaint towns and cities, all of which can be discovered on two wheels for an exciting adventure off the beaten track.

Embark on a two-wheel adventure with Le Lemon Tour and choose to either take a self-guided tour by simply renting one of their nifty bikes, or opt for an expert-guided cycling adventure to learn more about each site you pass and landscape you glide across.

When cycling on Le Lemon Tour, you will explore a host of Carthage’s prime archaeological sites or pass through the idyllic town of Sidi Bou Said, with the chance to admire the beautiful buildings here up close.

Alternatively, rent a bike from Le Lemon Tour and choose where you want to go and what you want to uncover along the way. If you do choose to ride it alone, make sure you research the prime cycling spots before setting off.

Boat Trips

Tunisia is a country filled with captivating landscapes and landmarks, all of which can be enjoyed up close or from afar on an exciting boat trip. There are plenty of different boat excursions available for you to enjoy, from small boat trips to pirate cruises along the shore.

Book a seat on the Pirate Boat Cruise in Hammamet for a boat tour with endless entertainment on-board, including live music, as well as the chance to hop off the boat for a spot of swimming in the tranquil sea waters. Glide across the waters, catching sights of the many landmarks along the way while sunbathing on the top deck. Plus, you can spot sea turtles and dolphins swimming in the waters surrounding you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a luxury boating trip to your holiday, book a trip on the Tunisia Catamaran Cruise, for a relaxing ride along the waters in a luxury boat. You will see the glorious sights of the coastline here while unwinding in the sunshine on the deck.

Bulla Regia Tours

Bulla Regia is an incredible archaeological site and former town, located in northern Tunisia. During your getaway, you can book tours to see this captivating sightseeing spot to explore its remarkable history.

History and culture buffs will love tours of this old town, uncovering miraculous sights from start to finish. Stroll across landscapes filled with archaeological ruins and intricate art mosaics, as well as two-storey buildings containing underground flooring.

Book yourself onto the Tunis: Dougga & Bulla Regia Private Full-Day Tour for a true adventure, which includes a tasty lunch, too. On this tour, a professional live-speaking guide will run you through the facts and history of the sights here, relaying all of the information you want to know, in your local language.

After exploring the interesting ruins in Bulla Regia, including the likes of ancient baths, villas and temple ruins, you will stop for lunch in Dougga, before exploring this area, too.

Camel Rides

Venture on an exciting sunrise or sunset Sahara cruise by camel ride when visiting beautiful Tunisia, which takes travellers across this incredible desert the traditional way.

Embark on a sunset camel trek from Douz with Viator, where you will ride on a camel across to the Douz dunes, before hiking to a high point to treasure unforgettable, scenic views far and wide. You will be greeted by welcoming cameleers prior to your desert trek, who will show you the art of camel riding at a basic level while teaching you all about how these incredible animals have played a key part in the transportation of goods and people for years and years.

During your two-hour camel ride, you can stop to take pictures of the curved sand dunes which stretch out as far as the eye can see, as well as getting snaps with the hard-working camels who have taken you on this breathtaking journey.

Carthageland Hammamet

Carthageland Hammamet is an exciting, adventurous amusement park located in Tunisia. Whoever you are travelling with, whether it be your family, yourself or your partner, you are sure to enjoy a day out to this thriving theme park, jam-packed with adventure.

For adventure seekers, head to KING KONG world to embark on the spinning coaster. This ride was inspired by the iconic giant gorilla in the famous film franchise and is accompanied by high definition sound effects which play as you whizz around the tracks at 60mph, providing the thrill of your life.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Habib M’henni

Why not splash around at the Aqua Land portion of the park, where parents can unwind amongst the waters and the little ones can splash to their heart’s content? Families and groups will love rushing down the MultiSlider, racing each other side by side, and younger kids will enjoy the fun Carthage Tower, as well as the Aladin Park located here.

Offering wave pools, slides and hair-raising rides, there is every reason to add this activity to your list of things to do in Tunisia.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Do you want to embark on an activity that is both thrilling and relaxing during your holiday to Tunisia? If so, a hot air balloon ride should definitely be on your agenda when travelling around this beautiful North African country. In fact, Tunisia is actually pushing for more traction around the country’s investment in this scenic activity, aiming to become the capital for hot air balloons in Africa.

Feel the warm breeze in your hair as you soar above the skies, taking in the marvellous landscapes which make Tunisia such a beautiful place to visit. You can book tours that will take you flying across the incredible Chott el Djerid salt lake, the rippling dunes at Ksar Ghilane and Chebika, a mountain oasis located in western Tunisia.

Alternatively, discover the beauty of the Sahara from up above, with a bird’s eye view of the expansive desert sands beneath you, for a relatively low cost. Embarking on this activity truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so make sure you book a trip during your getaway.

Off-Road Tours

There are a host of off-road adventure tours to embark on during your trip over to Tunisia, from dune buggy rides speeding across the gorgeous Sahara desert to 4×4 ventures off the beaten track.

Buggy & Bike offer immersive tours that are sure to impress adrenaline-junkies seeking thrills and adventure. Take a ride with a guided driver across the Sahara in southern Tunisia, on a five-day tour which even includes food prepared by the driver, who accompanies you across the sands.

What better way to skim the sands than on an off-road tour, with a helpful guide taking control and showing you the miraculous highlights of this impressive natural landscape? Book onto one of the many tours available during your holiday here, whether this is straight after purchasing your trip or once you arrive.

Remember, your hotel reception desk will have useful information on the tours available, which often showcase the best of what your location has to offer. So, if you’re looking to heighten your experience with a close-up view of some of Tunisia’s most remarkable landscapes, add an off-road tour to your holiday to-do list.

Red Lizard Train

The Red Lizard Train, originally built in France back in the 19th century, is a favourite pastime for locals and tourists visiting this wonderful country since this activity takes you across the scenic rock canyons of southern Tunisia.

When you ride on the authentic Red Lizard Train, you will first depart from Metlaoui station, with the whole journey taking around an hour and a half towards Redeyef – a rustic town and commune, in the Gafsa Governorate. You will glide past beautiful scenery along the way, not only taking in the sights you pass but embracing the authentic interiors of the train itself and feeling like you are involved in Tunisia’s rich history.

This train ride offers incredible views, from Tunisia’s immersive desert canyons to barren landscapes and clear water springs, all offering spectacular beauty. You’ll also get to enjoy rocky scenery, since the Red Lizard Train route runs alongside the gorgeous Selja Gorges, besides the foot of the amazing Atlas Mountains.

Scuba Diving

During your holiday to Tunisia, why not venture underwater to see the colourful coral and sea life which fill the glistening sea waters? There is a host of scuba diving adventures to book onto on your getaway, which will certainly keep you occupied. Plus, there’s no better way of seeing the depths of a country than by exploring its underwater world, as you can swim alongside incredible fish and larger sea life, or even uncover ancient wreckages along the way.

La Sirène Diving Club is an amazing scuba diving tour operator, taking tourists on deep diving, wreck diving and even night diving adventures. If you’re travelling with children, you can sign them up for PADI Bubblemaker training, which introduces scuba diving to tots who are eight years old or over.

Alternatively, the Blue Dolphin Diving Centre is highly rated, offering informed scuba diving tours which cater to every ability. Here, both children and adults can dive into the Mediterranean waters, as training is provided for visitors. Sea trips and fishing activities are also available.


A trip to Tunisia isn’t the same if you don’t try out the amazing activities on offer here, so why not start off your adventures with a spot of windsurfing along Tunisia’s gorgeous coastline? Whether you’re already a pro or a beginner to this interesting sport, get stuck in during your holiday in this picturesque country.

The weather conditions in Tunisia are perfect for windsurfing adventures, with the breeze offering enough push to enjoy this fun activity to the full. Head to the beach at Raf Raf, an idyllic northeastern town in Tunisia, to really get stuck into windsurfing amongst blissful scenery. Alternatively, you can opt to go sailing or venture on a scuba diving adventure to uncover Tunisia’s sea life.

Djerba beach is another top location for windsurfing and many tour operators offer this thrilling activity to embark on, as well as kitesurfing, too. You can also hire catamarans or pedalos here, allowing you to sail over the glittering ocean waters after a spot of windsurfing.