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Boat Trips, Tunisia

Tunisia is a country filled with captivating landscapes and landmarks, all of which can be enjoyed up close or from afar on an exciting boat trip. There are plenty of different boat excursions available for you to enjoy, from small boat trips to pirate cruises along the shore.

Book a seat on the Pirate Boat Cruise in Hammamet for a boat tour with endless entertainment on-board, including live music, as well as the chance to hop off the boat for a spot of swimming in the tranquil sea waters. Glide across the waters, catching sights of the many landmarks along the way while sunbathing on the top deck. Plus, you can spot sea turtles and dolphins swimming in the waters surrounding you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a luxury boating trip to your holiday, book a trip on the Tunisia Catamaran Cruise, for a relaxing ride along the waters in a luxury boat. You will see the glorious sights of the coastline here while unwinding in the sunshine on the deck.