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Beaches, Tunisia

Tunisia has an incredible coastline, where you can find plenty of sandy beaches, sun loungers and quaint eateries dotted up and down the blissful beachfront here. Take the time to relax and sizzle away in the heat at Hammamet Beach, or snorkel and scuba dive in the glistening waters while admiring the enticing ocean views.


Djerba is a small island off Tunisia’s coast which is famed for its craft markets, 600-year-old fortress and pristine Mediterranean beaches. It’s accessible by bus, train and plane, or if you’ve hired a car, you can simply drive there yourself via the manmade road crossing.

Avid beachgoers will be in heaven here; when it comes to white sandy beaches with clear blue water, you’re spoilt for choice in Djerba. Perhaps one of the most picturesque of these beaches is the Djerba Blue Lagoon, which allows you to take in glorious scenic surroundings while enjoying a host of water sports. There is also a small cafe at the beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink to help you relax and cool down during your visit.

Alternatively, head to Mezraia, where beautiful beaches of unspoilt sand and vibrant blue waters are topped with cosy sunbeds and parasols – an ideal place to relax on your Tunisian holiday.

El Haouaria Beaches

El Haouaria is a small coastal town on the north-eastern coast of Tunisia, home to less than 10,000 people. Its small size and quiet nature make it perfect for those whose idea of a dream holiday is getting away from any hustle and bustle. It isn’t visited by too many tourists, either, giving the town a peaceful atmosphere that makes it well worth a visit. 

A trip to one of the many beaches here allows you to relax in a more authentic Tunisian setting, as even the beaches themselves tend to reflect the quaint, understated nature of El Haouaria. Plage Menzel Salem is one of these small beaches; it lies at the base of rocky cliffs, where there are picturesque views of the surrounding hills and islands.

Alternatively, head to Ras Ed Drek and relax with the locals on a long strip of white sand, occasionally rising from your sunbed to explore the small coves dotted around the area.


The charming town of Hammamet is renowned for being a glorious beach spot and is a favourite location for many of Tunisia’s visitors. The pristine stretches of sand combined with the serene shores of the Gulf of Hammamet create a beautiful, picturesque setting; a great place for you to relax.

Better still, the beach is home to a medley of marine life and the calm, clear waters mean it’s perfect for snorkelling. So, pick up a snorkelling kit on your way to the beach to get an up-close view of the vibrant fish thriving below the surface. Active beachgoers can also enjoy the other water sports options available here, such as scuba diving and paragliding.

Alternatively, why not opt for a pleasant, leisurely swim in the calm seas? Or, if you’d rather just put your feet up and soak up the hot Tunisian sun, you can do so with ease, as the beach has an abundance of sunbeds, giving you plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Isole Kerkennah

If you’re looking to enjoy a beach day with a difference, why not embark on a boat trip to Isole Kerkennah: a group of small islands sitting off Tunisia’s gorgeous east coast. The islands have a total area of just 160 square kilometres and are home to only around 15,500 people, but boast a warm and dry climate thanks to their location in the Gulf of Gabes.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright: Elcèd77.

The islands are also known for their friendly locals and picturesque beaches, which are quiet and peaceful, making them excellent places to relax. There is plenty of birdlife here, too, so you’ll be able to enjoy a spot of birdwatching while you sunbathe, before rounding off your day with an unobscured view of the glorious Tunisian sunset.

If you’re a more active beachgoer, head to one of Isole Kerkennah’s livelier beaches, such as the stretch sitting by the Grand Hotel, where you will find a bar, restaurant and water sports. Alternatively, why not explore the islands’ scenic landscapes while you’re here?

La Marsa Beach

La Marsa is a coastal town which sits just over 10 miles away from Tunisia’s capital city, Tunis. As well as being home to over 90,000 residents, it also features La Marsa Beach: a popular spot amongst tourists and locals alike.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright: Seif Allah Bouneb.

This beach is a great place for those who wish to avoid the more touristy areas and relax like a local. Kick back and unwind under the warm Tunisian sun, taking in the beach’s charming atmosphere and golden sands. Watch on as La Marsa’s residents enjoy a casual stroll along the shoreline, or simply gaze over at the scenic views, before taking a refreshing, leisurely dip in the Gulf of Tunis’ clear waters – the perfect way to cool down.

Located just behind the beach is a small commercial district, where you will be able to find a host of convenient amenities, including a supermarket and a wide array of cafes and restaurants.

Mahdia Beach

Partially connected to the hotel of the same name, Mahdia Beach is the area’s main beach strip. It sits just off the resort, making it conveniently located, and features soft golden sand which meets vibrant blue waters, giving crisp ocean views as far as the eye can see. 

The water is warm, clean and refreshing, making it safe for children and great for both snorkelling and swimming. Kids also love going for a stroll along this beach, stopping to pick up one of the many colourful shells which can be found lying on the sand towards the shoreline.

The beach varies in size, with some areas being narrower than others. However, it rarely gets overcrowded, so whichever spot you choose to relax in, you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and unwind. Many people consider this to be one of Tunisia’s best beaches, so be sure to visit it if you’re staying nearby.

Plage Oamarit

Plage Oamarit is a picture-perfect beach in the Zarzis area of Tunisia. It’s an ideal place for those who are looking for a peaceful spot to enjoy Tunisia’s clear skies and pleasant temperatures. It also caters perfectly to those who wish to simply kick back on a sun lounger and relax under the cooling shade of a parasol without disturbance. 

If you need to cool down further, step into the gentle, blue waters and go for a refreshing swim. The sea is shallow and well-maintained, being cleaned of seaweed on a regular basis, which means it’s also ideal for children.

The lack of stones on the beach means it’s great for those who love a relaxed walk along a sandy shoreline. So, why not take the time to go for a soothing stroll along Plage Oamarit, taking in the bliss of its serene surroundings, while feeling the soft, golden sand sink between your toes with every step?

Sangho Beach

Rated as one of the best beaches in Zarzis, Sangho Beach is a small but picturesque stretch of sand along the eastern coast of the country. The palm tree-lined beach features comfortable sunbeds and shaded chairs as well as a range of water sports, such as paragliding.

There is even a small, wooden boardwalk which allows you to conveniently stroll straight from the sand into the water to enjoy a pleasant swim under the sun. There are a number of interesting features to look at along the beach, too, such as old boats and huts, so there is plenty to keep your eyes busy while you relax. 

This beach has a completely idyllic feel to it; when you’re lying on a sunbed here, relaxing under the hot Tunisian sun, you’ll get a sense of paradise and serenity. So, if you simply want a peaceful place to put your feet up while on your holiday, you’ll be right at home on Sangho Beach.

Sidi Bou Said Beach

When it comes to towns in Tunisia, there are few more beautiful than Sidi Bou Said. While the majority of the town is found towards the top of a steep cliff, the foot of this cliff is home to a blissful sandy beach – Sidi Bou Said Beach. The golden sand is met by glorious clear waters, providing a sheltered paradise where all the family can unwind. 

While the kids play, parents can simply kick back and take in the surrounding scenery, absorbing the views of the cliffs behind them, which are populated by colourful greenery and more of the town’s famous blue and white buildings. Look out to sea and you’ll catch the occasional sailboat gliding back into the neighbouring harbour – this beach is truly heavenly.

Situated just 12 miles to the north-east of the country’s capital, Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is recognisable by its pristine blue and white buildings, with tourists flocking here to see the stunning views and structures for themselves.

Tabarka Beach

When you close your eyes and envisage the perfect beach for your holiday, the image you visualise will likely resemble Tabarka Beach. Boasting a stunning backdrop, along with enjoyable activities and aesthetically pleasing rock features, Tabarka Beach is the epitome of a beach paradise.

The beach is located in the town of the same name, Tabarka, which lies in north-western Tunisia, close to the country’s Algerian border. The town mostly attracts divers and backpackers, with few visits from mass-market tourists. So, the beach here is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the busier resorts and enjoy an authentic Tunisian beach experience.

At the beach itself, you’ll find fine sand, crystal clear waters and rugged rock formations. If you head for a swim and look below the surface, you’ll find colourful coral here, too, making it a great beach for snorkelers and scuba divers. Or, simply sit on the sand and take in the beach’s stunning backdrop of a Genoese castle and the Khroumerie Mountains.