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Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba is a small island off Tunisia’s coast which is famed for its craft markets, 600-year-old fortress and pristine Mediterranean beaches. It’s accessible by bus, train and plane, or if you’ve hired a car, you can simply drive there yourself via the manmade road crossing.

Avid beachgoers will be in heaven here; when it comes to white sandy beaches with clear blue water, you’re spoilt for choice in Djerba. Perhaps one of the most picturesque of these beaches is the Djerba Blue Lagoon, which allows you to take in glorious scenic surroundings while enjoying a host of water sports. There is also a small cafe at the beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink to help you relax and cool down during your visit.

Alternatively, head to Mezraia, where beautiful beaches of unspoilt sand and vibrant blue waters are topped with cosy sunbeds and parasols – an ideal place to relax on your Tunisian holiday.