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El Haouaria Beaches, Tunisia

El Haouaria is a small coastal town on the north-eastern coast of Tunisia, home to less than 10,000 people. Its small size and quiet nature make it perfect for those whose idea of a dream holiday is getting away from any hustle and bustle. It isn’t visited by too many tourists, either, giving the town a peaceful atmosphere that makes it well worth a visit. 

A trip to one of the many beaches here allows you to relax in a more authentic Tunisian setting, as even the beaches themselves tend to reflect the quaint, understated nature of El Haouaria. Plage Menzel Salem is one of these small beaches; it lies at the base of rocky cliffs, where there are picturesque views of the surrounding hills and islands.

Alternatively, head to Ras Ed Drek and relax with the locals on a long strip of white sand, occasionally rising from your sunbed to explore the small coves dotted around the area.