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Carthage, Tunisia

Carthage is an ancient city in Tunis, which houses intriguing ancient sites and archaeological excavations, dating back to the Roman era. You can see the magnificent history scattered throughout this immersive city at numerous sites. Plus, Carthage offers everything you require, from superb coffee spots to vibrant restaurants.

Walk around the main site, surrounded by pillars stretching up into the sky as well as sand-coloured buildings and impressive monuments. Why not hire a guide to get the most out of this fascinating site? You can then learn about the history here and open your eyes to what this ancient world was once like.

The highlights of this city include the Baths of Antoninus, the Cisterns of La Malga and the Roman Villas of Carthage, where you can take in the wonders of this enlightening civilisation. Don’t forget to visit the Carthage Museum to uncover artefacts from over 2,000 years ago. Also, if you visit here first, you can grab tickets for multiple other sites while you’re in the area.