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Turkey holidays provide exhilarating adventures and exciting activities to choose from. Animal lovers flock to Antalya Zoo, to watch the herd of beautiful Zebras gallop across the open land. Children love the life-size models of dinosaurs at Dino Park, too, and parents enjoy the authentic feel of the forest landscape.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is a must visit for any lover of nature and marine life, boasting the world’s biggest aquarium tunnel, thriving with a range of tropical fish.

It is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and is home to tropical fish, stingrays and sharks, which can be seen being fed by specially trained divers. As well as this, there is a range of some of the world’s most dangerous creatures in the tropical reptile house. This includes huge spiders, snakes and crocodiles, and arrow frogs, which are one of the world’s most poisonous creatures.

Other attractions at the aquarium include an ice museum and “Snow World”, as well as the Oceanwide XD Cinema, which presents a unique and spectacular 3D underwater film, which features astonishing footage of sea lions, sharks and whales.

There is a number of food outlets onsite at the aquarium including a McDonalds for you to get a tasty meal throughout the day. There is also a fantastic souvenir shop which allows you to take pictures in front of a green screen.

Antalya Zoo

Antalya Zoo is one of the best zoo’s in Turkey, with roughly 800 animals from around the world to see up close. This includes apes, zebras, tigers, lions, and kangaroos. As well as this there is a reptile house a bird house and multiple ponds.

Entrance to the zoo only costs 5 Turkish Lira per vehicle, so it is great if you are looking for a cheap day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The animals are well looked after by the zoo keepers and are in a good, healthy condition. The zoo is easy to navigate and you get presented with a map when you arrive to help you get around. There’s also numerous tables throughout the park, so you can stop and have a picnic while watching the animals in the exhibits. The zoo is also surrounded by an abundance of trees and vegetation, giving it a pleasant natural atmosphere.

Aqua Dream Waterpark

Aqua Dream Waterpark is a terrific water park in Marmaris in Turkey and is regarded as one of the best in the area.

The park is full of attractions that are great fun for the whole family. This includes a vertical drop slide, the kamikaze and the black hole, which is an exciting slide with fantastic visual effects. There is also a multi slide, a wave slide and an extreme body slide. For younger visitors, there is the aqua tower, which is a great play area for children to play water games with water slides and water guns. There is also a fun wave pool and swimming pool at the park.

The park has a restaurant and a bar with a broad menu to appeal to all of the family and to keep you refreshed throughout the day. It is situated in a beautiful natural area, allowing you to enjoy some great views while you are in the park.

Aquapark Dedeman Bodrum

Aquapark Dedeman is a fun and exciting family friendly waterpark in Bodrum. It is the biggest waterpark in Turkey and the first ever built in the Bodrum area.

There is a range of attractions at the park, including over 20 waterslides. This includes the multi slide, the giant slide, the hydro tube and the twin twister. There is also a mini slide for little ones and a crazy river for the whole family to enjoy which is over 300 metres long. There is also a range of swimming pools which feature a wave machine.

There’s more than just waterslides at this fantastic park however, as there are also multiple shops, a disco and a kids play area. There’s multiple restaurants to keep you refreshed all day long as well as multiple bars which feature a beer garden. There is also a doctor on hand to keep you safe throughout the day. There are showers available as well, so that you can refresh yourself before leaving.


Take a trip back to a prehistoric era with your family at the Gonyak Dinopark in Turkey. It’s great fun for the whole family and is filled with great sights and activities.

The park is filled with moving dinosaur models which make realistic dinosaur sounds which are adored by kids. The park is full of fascinating facts about dinosaurs making it an interesting and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

This is not the only attraction at the park however. There’s also a trampoline and play area for kids as well as an obstacle course and a “fossil dig” sandpit. There is also a climbing wall and a swimming pool complete with inflatable slides. There are other educational attractions also which are also greatly entertaining for the family, including a fantastic planetarium and an exhilarating 7D cinema. If your kids are animal lovers, then they will adore the petting zoo that is available and there is also the opportunity for them to go on a pony ride.

Dolphin Park

The dolphin park in Marmaris in Turkey is a fantastic facility designed for disabled children which allows you to see and swim with dolphins.

It was the first open water dolphin centre to be opened in Europe, and was opened to provide “dolphin therapy” to children with disabilities, as it was found that dolphins could evoke peace, laughter and joy from the children, and have even previously awoken children from a vegetative state. While some pools and dolphins are used exclusively for this, some pools are open to the public and offer anti-stress dolphin therapy, which will allow you to observe and swim with the dolphins.

The staff are very passionate and friendly marine experts who care for the dolphins superbly well and do make sure that they provide you with a truly heart-warming experience. It is a floating park meaning that the dolphins are kept in their natural sea water environment.


Turkey has become one of Europe’s favourite destinations for golf holidays. This is because of its pleasant, warm climate and the stunning backdrops that are present at the hotels and courses. There is also no shortage of high quality 5 star resorts, with exquisite hotels accompanied by championship standard golf courses.

There are many great areas of Turkey for golfing, one of the most popular being Belek, where you can get top quality golfing holidays without breaking the bank. There’s several high quality courses in the area and there’s plenty of luxury hotels to choose from, which all offer fantastic and friendly customer service with great bars and restaurants as well as pleasant and refreshing swimming pools.

Many of the courses are at a championship standard, but don’t be put off if you are new to golf as there’s courses for all standards, so you can enjoy a satisfyingly challenging round of golf no matter what your ability is.

Hadrians Gate

Hadrian’s Gate is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful landmarks in Antalya in Turkey, as it possesses a fascinating history as well as architectural magnificence.

The structure (which was built in 130 AD to honour the Roman Emperor Hadrian’s visit to the area), is a stone gate with three overhead arches. It was built to resemble the distinctive Roman architecture of the time and is named after the Emperor himself. Standing at each side of the archways are two tall stone towers, both of which have stone which has been at least partially preserved from the Roman era. Some parts of the tower have been restored to ensure that it remains in fantastic condition, making it a great landmark to visit.

The gate also features deep groves in the stone pavement underneath the middle arch which have been created by the thousands of ancient carts have passed through it.


Letoon was a sanctuary of Leto, who in Greek Mythology, is the Greek Goddess of womanly demure and motherhood.

The sanctuary is a sight of historic importance, as it was once regarded as one of the region’s most important religious centres. The ruins (which date back to as early as the sixth century) are all that remain of the sanctuary, but they make for fascinating viewing. The unspoilt ruins have been excellently preserved, and restoration work is currently being done to ensure the site remains an important site for religious and cultural history. The area is small, but uncrowded and well worth a visit so that you can get a real grasp of the importance of the site in ancient history.

Some of the ruins that remain include the temple of Leto and the temple of Apollo (which feature fascinating and beautiful stone and tile work) and the amphitheatre, which contains some stunning carvings.

Luna Park Fairground

Luna Park fairground is a fun and entertaining fairground which is full of rides and attractions that are great fun for the whole family.

Some of the rides that there are to enjoy here include an exhilarating pirate ship ride as well as the highly entertaining high speed dodgems. There’s a set of trampolines for kids to bounce their energy away on as they try to jump as high as they can possibly reach. If you want to get even higher, take a seat aboard the bright and colourful Ferris wheel, to get a great view of the surrounding area.

There is also a fantastic go-kart track near by, which is great for thrill seekers to get an adrenaline kick. There is also a kids course at the track, so that they can enjoy the excitement created by the go-karts as well.

The Luna Park fairground is located on the main street of Hisaronu in the Dalaman area of Turkey, and is open right up until midnight, so you can enjoy the fun until late.