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Antalya Zoo, Turkey

Antalya Zoo is one of the best zoo’s in Turkey, with roughly 800 animals from around the world to see up close. This includes apes, zebras, tigers, lions, and kangaroos. As well as this there is a reptile house a bird house and multiple ponds.

Entrance to the zoo only costs 5 Turkish Lira per vehicle, so it is great if you are looking for a cheap day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The animals are well looked after by the zoo keepers and are in a good, healthy condition. The zoo is easy to navigate and you get presented with a map when you arrive to help you get around. There’s also numerous tables throughout the park, so you can stop and have a picnic while watching the animals in the exhibits. The zoo is also surrounded by an abundance of trees and vegetation, giving it a pleasant natural atmosphere.