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Beaches, Turkey

A holiday to Turkey entails rippling golden sands, vast beaches and sparkling blue seas. Turkey’s most famous beach, Ölüdeniz is simply stunning, thanks to its fine, white sands and breathtaking mountain views. The beaches located in Alanya encapsulate the hustle and the bustle of this busy town, but the beaches stretch as far as 22km. So, if you grab a sunbed early enough, you’ll have no trouble relaxing in the sun all day.

Altinkum Beach

Altinkum Beach is one of the most popular beaches to be found anywhere in Turkey. With a fantastic range of facilities, this golden stretch of sand is the perfect beach to bring the family.

Water sports prove to be very popular along Altinkum Beach; the water is warm, clear and safe for young swimmers to take a dip. Ice creams can be purchased from a kiosk at the back of the beach. The beach itself is very clean and stretches for quite a way; so, whether you are in search of somewhere to sunbathe or to take a relaxing stroll, look no further than Altinkum Beach.

Changing rooms and toilets can be found on site and Altinkum Beach is also handy for a great range of bars, eateries and hotels, many offering ocean views. Why not call in for a bite to eat after a day of sun, sea and sand?

Amos beach

Amos Beach is a quiet and peaceful location, situated in Turunc. This pebble beach is a very idyllic spot, where tourists from all over the world come when they are in search of a haven of tranquillity.

Sunbeds and beach umbrellas line part of this coved beach, which is sheltered by the hills. Although it is common for several boats to be seen in the area, there is a designated stretch of water specifically for swimmers, which is buoyed off to a point.

A small jetty by the beach is the Launchpad for several boat trips which holidaymakers can take advantage of and the beach can be easily reached by road.

The cliffs and hills which surround Amos Beach can also be climbed, offering spectacular views of Turkey’s coastline and the horizon, beyond. There are also several restaurants nearby, which provide patrons with delicious food and stunning views of the ocean as they dine.

Belcekiz beach

Belcekiz beach is a truly heavenly destination. A mixture of pebbles and white sand, beach goers get the best of both worlds at this location.

The ocean is a stunning shade of aqua blue and is generally very calm, so safe for swimmers of all ages. Several boat trips also leave and call at this location, so it’s a great place to book a trip from.

Plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas are available for hire. The beach stretches for quite a way; surrounded by beautiful hills, Belcekiz beach is the perfect place to go for a sunset stroll along the coast. As the sun goes down over the ocean, the sky turns a romantic pink colour, which makes for a breathtaking sight to behold.

Behind the beach is a selection of bars and eateries, so you don’t need to travel too far to get the children fed, enjoy a few drinks or book a romantic meal for two.

Belek Beach

Belek Beach is always a hype of activity. A popular location for water sports, visitors can enjoy surfing, swimming and a variety of other past times in the crystal blue waters of Turkey. The sea is generally very calm, so it is also safe for youngsters to have a splash about in the ocean. There is an inflatable island a little way out for the kids to enjoy, too.

The beach itself is home to several volleyball courts, so if you are in the mood for some sports on dry land, why not bring a ball and enjoy a game? Although there are pebbly sections, the areas with sand are golden and soft, so perfect for a barefoot stroll along the coast.

Belek Beach has wheelchair access and there is a small pier with umbrellas and loungers so you can enjoy the sea and sun in equal measure. If you come at the right time of year, you might just be lucky enough to join the foam party.

Bitez Beach

Situated on the cost in Bodrum City, Bitez beach is a delightfully clean beach in a small, picturesque bay.

It is well facilitated with a large number of sunbeds and umbrellas available to hire, as well as curtained huts for beach lovers who want to enjoy a little extra privacy. It has a planked walkway, so is easy to access for those with disabilities.

Bitez beach is an ideal spot for anyone looking to chill out during their Turkey holiday. The sea is quite shallow for quite a way out, so if you have children who want to have a splash about, this is a great beach to bring them to. Water sports such as windsurfing and jet skiing are also very popular at this beach.

Located just behind the beach is a wide variety of bars and eateries, so you can enjoy something to eat as you look out over the ocean.

Camel Beach

Camel Beach is usually a hub of activity, so not the best place to go if you are looking for a beach in Turkey that offers quiet. However, there is plenty to do on this golden stretch of sand, and there are plenty of sun loungers available to be hired if you do wish to catch some rays.

Camel Beach can be found in Bodrum City and is a hub of a wide range of activities. One of the most popular attractions of the beach, and the reason behind its name, is the option to enjoy a camel ride along the beach. Many boat trips call at Camel Beach so holidaymakers in Turkey can take advantage of this unique experience.

Aside from the camel rides, Camel Beach is also a popular beach for water sports, with a range of water sports available to be enjoyed. Located close by is a variety of shops and eateries.

Damlatas beach

Damlatas Beach can be found just under the peninsula, on the eastern side of Cleopatra beach.

The beach is a golden stretch of sand and is situated in Alanya. Sun beds are available to be hired and line the beach.

The water is a gorgeous shade of aquamarine and is perfectly safe for swimmers. The ocean surrounding Damlatas Beach is often visited by boats, bringing divers on excursions to explore the nearby caves. Snorkelling is also a very popular past time in the waters around the beach. It has access for the disabled, as well as sunbeds and showers for people with disabilities, too.

Also on the beach is a volleyball court for visitors to enjoy a game during their visit. Beachfront bars can also be found at the back of the beach, serving ice cold drinks to help refresh those who have had a long day of fun in the sun.

Didim Manastir Koyu

Didim Manastir Koyu is the perfect beach in Turkey for families to bring their children to. The water is warm, clear and shallow, so the little ones can while away a very happy afternoon having a splash about in the sea.

If they would prefer not to get their feet wet, the beach itself is a beautiful stretch of sand, fine white sand to be exact. Sun loungers can be hired, but if you’d rather just set down a towel, that’s fine too.

The beach is a very popular one, especially in the busy seasons, so it’s recommended you get there early. Nonetheless, you will be glad you did when you arrive; take a dip in the ocean, enjoy a relaxing stroll along the shore or just rent a sun lounger and soak up some of Turkey’s magnificent sunshine.

Parking is permitted by the beach if you are driving there.

East Beach

East Beach can be found in the popular holiday resort of Side, which is located on the Turkish Riviera. Renowned for its peaceful nature, the beach is lined with two rows of sunbeds, which are available for hire, as are the beach umbrellas.

This sandy stretch of coast is easily accessed by road and is a great place to take a stroll by the sea. There is parking close by if you are driving to the beach. The sea is quite shallow for a way out, so it proves a popular location for people who want to go swimming. East Beach

Is manned by a lifeguard and there are also showers and toilets on site.

Conveniently located just behind the beach is a varied selection of bars and restaurants, including the ‘No Name Restaurant’, which serves up fast food. If you are planning to visit East Beach in the afternoon, be sure to grab some lunch and a drink at one of these eateries.

Gumbet Beach

Behind this beach, a long line of hotels can be found, so if you are looking for somewhere to stay with a flawless ocean view, Gumbet beach is a great area to book. Gumbet beach stretches for a kilometre along the beautiful bay of Gumbet.

The sea is calm and safe for swimmers of all ages to take a dip in the shallow waters. This is also an ideal spot for water sports. If you’d prefer to soak up some sun, there are always plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to be hired, so you can lounge on the beach in style.

On the other hand, you may be keener to sit and enjoy a drink – Gumbet beach

is handy for that, too. Aside from the hotels, a wide range of bars and restaurants are also located behind the beach, serving delicious food and offering easy access to the golden stretch of sand.