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Amos beach, Turkey

Amos Beach is a quiet and peaceful location, situated in Turunc. This pebble beach is a very idyllic spot, where tourists from all over the world come when they are in search of a haven of tranquillity.

Sunbeds and beach umbrellas line part of this coved beach, which is sheltered by the hills. Although it is common for several boats to be seen in the area, there is a designated stretch of water specifically for swimmers, which is buoyed off to a point.

A small jetty by the beach is the Launchpad for several boat trips which holidaymakers can take advantage of and the beach can be easily reached by road.

The cliffs and hills which surround Amos Beach can also be climbed, offering spectacular views of Turkey’s coastline and the horizon, beyond. There are also several restaurants nearby, which provide patrons with delicious food and stunning views of the ocean as they dine.