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Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey

The Ancient City of Ephesus is one of the absolute must-see locations when it comes to a Turkey holiday. Immerse yourself in the historic ruins of this ancient city for a truly unique experience.

This city dates all the way back to the 10th century BC, when it was originally built by the ancient Greeks. One of the most famous ruins in the Ancient City of Ephesus

is the Library of Celsus, first built in 114 AD. The library is illuminated in the evenings to reveal the true beauty of this stunning example of Greek architecture.

The various statues and carvings are remarkably well preserved, many of which are accompanied by information boards, detailing visitors with who the statues and effigies depict.

It is best to set aside a good few hours to properly take in the sheer beauty and wonder of Ephesus – this is not the kind of sight you can get around in half an hour.