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Activities, Dubai

Dubai activities range from shopping until you drop at the mall, to adventure activities in the desert; really getting your adrenaline pumping. Indoor skydiving is popular here, or travellers can embark on a day cruise to Musandam, discovering mesmerising coves and aqua-blue waters. Or, if you’re looking to skip the queues for thrilling adventure days, embark on a helicopter tour and soar above the city.

Abu Dhabi Day Trip

On an Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai, you can see all the highlights of the capital in one day, on an exciting and hassle-free tour where you don’t have to think about travel or arranging your trip, since this will be arranged for you by local guides and experts.


Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark is an expansive waterpark located in Dubai, with a host of thrilling and invigorating rides on offer which are suitable for all ages, including some excellent slides for adults. Altogether, the park covers 17 hectares, including countless attractions and flumes.


Camel Safari

A camel safari is an exciting, cultural and visually stunning experience, making it the highlight of many people’s trip to Dubai. Each of you will ride on your own camel on a tour of the nearby desert, with an experienced tour guide who has plenty of local knowledge.


Day Cruise to Musandam

A day cruise to Musandam from Dubai is the perfect way to escape the city and see the beauty and natural landscape of the surrounding area. With a small group of local guides, you will sail on a traditional boat around the fjords of the Oman peninsula.


Dubai Dolphinarium

At the Dubai Dolphinarium, the whole family can see amazing stunts performed by dolphins and enjoy a show packed with tricks, that will have you in awe from start to finish.


Helicopter Tour

A helicopter tour of Dubai is one of the most breathtaking ways to take in the wonders of the city and see the many sights and buildings that make up its iconic skyline. There are different services around the city that offer helicopter tours, each with welcoming and professional pilots and guides.


Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is, for many people, a dream which is made possible when holidaying in Dubai, where you can experience all of the thrills of zero gravity without being hundreds of feet up in the air. At iFly Dubai, people of all ages can feel what it is like to dive through the air.



Sandboarding is a once-in-a-lifetime activity which you can experience right here in Dubai. Feel the wind in your hair as you fly down the warm sand dunes, both colossal and small, cruising all the way down to the bottom.


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are some of the most visited and well-loved places in Dubai, which is home to some of the largest in the world, so if you are holidaying here you need to experience the glitz and glamour of this retail capital and shop until you drop.



The TEPfactor is the perfect game room experience in Dubai if you love a tantalising challenge that makes you think, puzzles that test your logic, reasoning and creative thinking.