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Camel Safari, Dubai

A camel safari is an exciting, cultural and visually stunning experience, making it the highlight of many people’s trip to Dubai. Each of you will ride on your own camel on a tour of the nearby desert, with an experienced tour guide who has plenty of local knowledge. Plus, a camel safari makes for an exciting day trip; allowing you to experience the stunning desert surrounding the city, as well as Dubai’s colourful sunsets.

Your tour starts from a Bedouin-style desert camp, where you’ll be welcomed with dates and Arabian coffee to enjoy, as well as tea, soft drinks and other light refreshments, before embarking on your epic camel tour. Expect to hear some fascinating local knowledge from your guide, learn all about traditional Dubai and take in the spectacular surrounding sand dunes, all while enjoying the novelty of riding a camel in the desert.

Many of the camps also provide entertainment while you enjoy dinner with local music, and even a show if you’re lucky.