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Indoor Skydiving, Dubai

Indoor skydiving is, for many people, a dream which is made possible when holidaying in Dubai, where you can experience all of the thrills of zero gravity without being hundreds of feet up in the air. At iFly Dubai, people of all ages can feel what it is like to dive through the air in the world’s first double skydiving simulator, which offers you a realistic and thrilling simulation of real-life skydiving.

There are different packages available for first-timers and those who have some experience, so you can pick the one that suits your experience level and preferences. Whichever experience you choose, you will get all the skydiving gear you need, along with training to show you the ropes and what to do, as well as any help you might need from professionals along the way.

After your training, you will be ready to jump into the simulator for your sessions, where you can make all kinds of shapes, when flying through the air, in this electrifying skydiving experience.