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Beaches, Dubai

Dubai has the perfect blend of sizzling hot beaches and lively city life, and no matter what kind of beach trip you prefer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From the remote peaceful coastline outside the city to fine sandy stretches with views of the Palm, and fantastic places to relax next to the waterpark, you can find it all here.

Ajman Beach

Dubai’s beaches are sublime, offering year-long sunshine. Even if you’re holidaying here in the winter, you can still enjoy a visit to the beach. Ajman Beach in Dubai is one of the most astoundingly beautiful beaches here, which is really easy to visit on a budget, too.

Ajman Beach is a very family-friendly beach, with lifeguards watching over the swimmers all day long. Plus, the sands are famous for their pristine presentation at all times. This beach is particularly popular with swimmers, so enjoy a splash in the inviting ocean. The pristine sands and shallow sapphire waters make this a wonderful sandy spot in the summer, providing amazing views of the sunset if you stay until the evening when the ocean is still warm.

This beautiful beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day of shopping or sightseeing. There are also plenty of fast food restaurants for a quick bite, quaint cafes to have a spot of lunch and fancy restaurants to dine at in the evening while watching the magical sunset.

Al Khan Beach

Sizzle away on Al Khan beach, simply pack your towel, shades and sunscreen and head down to this sandy oasis in Dubai. Visiting these majestic blue waters and wading out into the calm ocean is the perfect way to spend your time during the beautifully balmy summers in the UAE.

Al Khan beach is an open public beach, with a handy car park nearby, showers and facilities for changing. It’s also conveniently less crowded than many other beaches in the city and offers umbrellas and places to sit; so lay back, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer sun. This blissful beach is a very family-friendly spot where people of all ages gather, making for a warming and welcoming atmosphere.

Exciting activities are available here, too, including kayaking – perfect if you want to embark on an adventure while soaking up the sun. Tour buses and guides often stop off here, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding ways to reach the beach. So, ensure you add this Al Khan to your list of places to visit in Dubai.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park is one of the less touristy beach locations in Dubai. This beach is entirely picturesque, with its swaying palm trees and white sands providing the perfect place to sizzle away in the sun. There are plenty of benches with sun umbrellas available here, too, where the whole family can sit and have a bite to eat. Visitors can even enjoy the BBQ spots here, as well as the pristine surrounding greenery.

If you want to see how Dubai’s locals live and celebrate the sun, then this is the beach for you. The shimmering ocean at Al Mamzar Beach Park is wonderfully shallow; perfect for bathing and relaxing in. This beach also caters for Muslimahs, providing separate changing and showering blocks for women, as well as an indoor pool and a female lifeguard on women’s only days. Why not check out the exciting events on offer here? Venture to the iconic kite festival which offers food, activities and music to enjoy all day long.

It’s easiest to reach this beach by car or taxi but thanks to its secluded location, it’s much more peaceful and laid-back compared to other bustling beaches in Dubai.

Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach in Dubai will take you on an exciting trip off the beaten track, with the chance to take in the peaceful and secluded atmosphere. This beach is coined as the ‘secret beach of Dubai’ because it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if you want to unwind on your trip to the beach, then this is the perfect spot.

On this spacious beach, there’s plenty of room to play volleyball and sports while also being roomy enough to set up a BBQ and enjoy the warm weather into the evening. The relaxed atmosphere here makes it very family-friendly, where visitors can take in the sun and watch the ocean lapping onto the shore.

It’s easiest to reach Al Sfouah beach by car, but if the weather is cooler you can use public transport and walk the rest of the way. This prime beach is a world away from the busier beaches in the city centre and is certainly worth a visit during your trip to dazzling Dubai.

Aquaventure Beach

Any family spending the day at the exciting Aquaventure Waterpark can head down to the adjacent Aquaventure beach to relax, after spending hours of thrilling fun rushing down the slides and flumes on offer.

Image Source: Flickr. Copyright Edgardo W. Olivera.

This beautiful beach is the perfect spot to sit and relax throughout the day or even in the evening, and there is a whole host of sun loungers and parasols for you to recline on and unwind in. Across the bay, travellers can discover the skyscrapers of Dubai’s iconic skyline as well as its sparkling blue waters. There’s even a designated swimming section and buoys in this section of the ocean, making it perfect for families to visit. Plus, there’s plenty of room on the sands to play games and let the kids run around.

Near the beach, holidaymakers can find plenty of activities to partake in, including Dive Atlantis, where you and your family can scuba dive with tropical fish and explore fascinating shipwrecks. Or, stop by the many cafes and restaurants for some delicious food by the beachfront.

Banan Beach

Banan Beach in Dubai has a real blissful, laid-back feel to it; making it the perfect place to treat yourself to an ice-cream, or sizzle away in the sun. There are a host of facilities on the beach and staff available, which makes spending the whole day (or even the weekend) here very easy. Plus, this beach is a dog-friendly spot on certain days, so make sure you bring your pooch along.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy along this beach, meaning there will never be a dull moment during your visit. If you’re feeling a little peckish, pick up some tasty pizza nearby or grab a smoothie from the juice bar if you’re craving a refreshing beverage.

Why not rent a chalet at Banan beach and set up camp around the fire pits to enjoy a balmy Dubai evening? Holidaymakers can also rent a luxury tent to sleep in overnight, with access to the BBQ area, outdoor showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. Each tent sleeps two people and includes mattresses, sheets, pillows, blankets and breakfast.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is one of the most loved beaches in Dubai, thanks to its easy access, prime location and overall cleanliness. This blissful beach is located within the city itself; making it ideal for a lazy afternoon in the sun after shopping around, or if you want a spot to unwind in the sunshine after a tasty brunch.

Image source: Wikimedia. Copyright pe-sa

The view over the Burj Al Arab is one of the most marvellous views in Dubai, too; you can admire the scenery while tanning on the beach and take some fantastic snaps of the surrounding vista. When overlooking the Persian Gulf, you can see the beautiful turquoise and deep blues of the ocean, which travellers can experience for most of the year.

The beach offers facilities including washrooms, toilets and showers for swimmers and other beach-goers. There is even a playground nearby, making it a very family-friendly spot, plus tour operators often take visitors here. So, make sure you include a trip to Jumeirah Beach on your holiday to Dubai.

Lou’Lou’a Beach

Lou’Lou’a beach is a pristine private beach in Dubai, perfect for relaxing and soaking up the sunny weather, which is present here for most of the year. Plush hotels are available to stay in near to the beach, particularly Lou’Lou’a Beach Resort which is adjacent to the sands, making it ideal for families and business travellers worldwide.

Lou’Lou’a has a more relaxed atmosphere than many other beaches, moving away from the hustle and bustle of the busier city centre spots. Tourists often head over to this beach during the day. Then, in the evenings when it’s cooler, watch the locals rock up for a relaxing stroll or seat by the ocean.

The crystal clear waters here are perfect for paddling in, and families as well as couples and holidaymakers all venture here for the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Lifeguards are present on the beach all day until 6pm, so families can rest knowing their children are swimming in a safe environment.

So, pack your sunscreen, beach towels and some tasty snacks, then make your way over to Lou’Lou’a beach to enjoy the sizzlingly-hot sun in Dubai.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach in Dubai offers amazing views amongst the skyscrapers. This stretch of beach is the perfect spot for a romantic evening walk, and with plenty of hotels close to the beach, this sandy paradise could be right on your doorstep.

This beach is ideal for a relaxing yet adventurous day out with the family, as the kids have inflatables to play on all day long. Plus, there is a waiter service for the rented sun loungers on this beach, meaning you don’t have to move an inch from your sun lounger for a refreshing beverage.

Marina Beach is ideal if you’re looking for a relaxing, carefree day without having to go back to the city to arrange lunch. When you go for a wander near the beach, you’ll discover a host of tasty cafes and chic restaurants close by, so much so that you’ll be spoilt for choice with the types of food on offer along the beachfront. Even better, Marina beach is only a 10-minute walk from the nearby metro, making it a prime and easily-accessible beach location.

Sharjah Beach

Sharjah beach is one of the calmest and most peaceful places to admire the ocean in Dubai. Expect to discover views of the dazzlingly blue ocean, and fine sands to stroll across in the glorious sunshine. Many travellers enjoy playing football or volleyball on the beach, as well as other thrilling activities since there is so much room to play, spread out and relax.

The peaceful nature of this beach makes it very family-friendly and a great place to visit on your holiday to Dubai. Even better, the council are always investing in new projects in the nearby area, making it very up and coming, so Sharjah beach is definitely worth a visit during your Dubai holiday.

There is plenty of parking available right next to the beach (which is easily accessible from the car park), making this super convenient for families with younger children. Plus, there are parasols dotted up and down the beach, too. So, be sure to pack some lunch and enjoy a seaside picnic.