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Al Khan Beach, Dubai

Sizzle away on Al Khan beach, simply pack your towel, shades and sunscreen and head down to this sandy oasis in Dubai. Visiting these majestic blue waters and wading out into the calm ocean is the perfect way to spend your time during the beautifully balmy summers in the UAE.

Al Khan beach is an open public beach, with a handy car park nearby, showers and facilities for changing. It’s also conveniently less crowded than many other beaches in the city and offers umbrellas and places to sit; so lay back, relax and enjoy the beautiful summer sun. This blissful beach is a very family-friendly spot where people of all ages gather, making for a warming and welcoming atmosphere.

Exciting activities are available here, too, including kayaking – perfect if you want to embark on an adventure while soaking up the sun. Tour buses and guides often stop off here, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding ways to reach the beach. So, ensure you add this Al Khan to your list of places to visit in Dubai.