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Al Sufouh Beach, Dubai

Al Sufouh Beach in Dubai will take you on an exciting trip off the beaten track, with the chance to take in the peaceful and secluded atmosphere. This beach is coined as the ‘secret beach of Dubai’ because it takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, if you want to unwind on your trip to the beach, then this is the perfect spot.

On this spacious beach, there’s plenty of room to play volleyball and sports while also being roomy enough to set up a BBQ and enjoy the warm weather into the evening. The relaxed atmosphere here makes it very family-friendly, where visitors can take in the sun and watch the ocean lapping onto the shore.

It’s easiest to reach Al Sfouah beach by car, but if the weather is cooler you can use public transport and walk the rest of the way. This prime beach is a world away from the busier beaches in the city centre and is certainly worth a visit during your trip to dazzling Dubai.