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Aquaventure Beach, Dubai

Any family spending the day at the exciting Aquaventure Waterpark can head down to the adjacent Aquaventure beach to relax, after spending hours of thrilling fun rushing down the slides and flumes on offer.

Image Source: Flickr. Copyright Edgardo W. Olivera.

This beautiful beach is the perfect spot to sit and relax throughout the day or even in the evening, and there is a whole host of sun loungers and parasols for you to recline on and unwind in. Across the bay, travellers can discover the skyscrapers of Dubai’s iconic skyline as well as its sparkling blue waters. There’s even a designated swimming section and buoys in this section of the ocean, making it perfect for families to visit. Plus, there’s plenty of room on the sands to play games and let the kids run around.

Near the beach, holidaymakers can find plenty of activities to partake in, including Dive Atlantis, where you and your family can scuba dive with tropical fish and explore fascinating shipwrecks. Or, stop by the many cafes and restaurants for some delicious food by the beachfront.