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Arabian Tea House Restaurant And Cafe, Dubai

If you’re looking to taste authentic Emirati cuisine, the Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Café is the ideal dining spot for you. Being the first restaurant to serve this cuisine since 1997, many visitors aspire to eat at this café and restaurant when they touch down in Dubai, so that they can enjoy the traditional tastes of Emirati cuisine and sublime Arabic hospitality.

If you happen to be celebrating anything, from a birthday to a wedding anniversary, while holidaying in Dubai, you’re in luck; this restaurant hosts events for every occasion, even being open to surprise dating parties and creative corporate events.

Expect a diverse range of foods at this popular eating spot, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a course of smaller plates for a mid-afternoon appetizer, or evening snack before sipping on fruity cocktails. A special barbeque feast is prepared here, too, featuring spicy chicken kebabs laid on a fresh flatbread, adorned with seasoned fries and fresh salads, topped in tasty salad dressing.