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Al-Fahidi Fort, Dubai

Anyone who has visited the Al-Fahidi Fort will know that Dubai is about much more than towering skyscrapers and spectacular modern marvels. Originally built in 1787, The Al-Fahidi fort is the oldest building within the sprawling metropolis of Dubai, and provides a fascinating throwback to an era completely unknown to the modern visitors and citizens of Dubai.

The fort is located just south of Dubai Creek, an area which is bustling with trade and activity, and was formerly the border of urban Dubai. It is for this reason that the fort was formerly used as the city’s defence stronghold and was also once where the monarch was based. Since then, the fort has been used as the city’s arsenal, storing a barrage of heavy weapons and artillery, and also as the city’s prison. Today, the fort is home to Dubai Museum, which provides an embodiment of traditional life in Dubai and depicts how Dubai has grown to become one of the world’s richest cities.