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Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai

If you’re looking for an aquatic experience, you’ll never forget the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in The Dubai Mall is the place to be. As well as the hundreds of crustaceans, rays, and sharks there are to see, there are activities to be enjoyed which are both thrilling and fascinating. The Aquarium and Underwater Zoo’s impressive collection includes a 10,000,000-litre tank with the world’s largest Sand Tiger Shark collection, and one of the world’s largest crocodiles, which weighs 750 kilograms.

As well as the opportunity to see all of these animals, the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo also offers a plethora of activities which allow you to get even closer to the sea life. The activities on offer include scuba diving, cage snorkelling in a tank with thousands of aquatic animals and exhilarating shark encounters. As well as experiencing these up-close encounters with animals from the depths of the ocean, you can also see the wild animals which walk the land with the VR Zoo exhibit.