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Dubai Frame

If you struggle to get all of Dubai’s stunning skyline in one picture, then this is the perfect attraction for you. Standing at almost 500ft tall and spanning over 340ft wide, The Dubai Frame is the world’s largest picture frame. With so many spectacular structures already scattering the skyline, the frame’s architect, Fernando Donis, decided that rather than adding another large skyscraper to Dubai’s skyline, he would create something which would allow you to see all of its attractions at once.

The Frame is designed and positioned so that you would be able to see all of Dubai’s skyscraper scattered skyline if you were to look through it. The top of the frame is a glass bridge and a viewing platform, where you can see both sides of Dubai and even the ground beneath you. Look to towards the south and you will see the majesty of modern Dubai, whereas to the north you will see the older region of Deira. However, Dubai’s most frame-ous attraction is more than just a viewing platform; on the ground floor, you will find a museum with interactive exhibits that showcase the past, present and future of Dubai.