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Dubai museum

One of the things which often takes visitors to Dubai by surprise is the stark contrast between the modern skyscrapers and ancient sites – The Dubai museum epitomises this. The famed Dubai museum was first opened in 1971, but the building in which it exists, the Al Fahidi Fort, was built in 1787.

The Museum contains a wide selection of galleries and exhibits, each with the purpose of showcasing the traditional way of life in Dubai. This includes a gallery which depicts how Dubai has grown from its modest beginnings to the skyscraper scattered, financial superpower that we know it as today. This features old maps of Dubai as well as timelines which show the city’s growth. Most notably, there is also a life-sized diorama of Dubai’s pre-oil era, which includes portrayals of family life in Dubai, as well as craftsmen, street venders and a model mosque. There is also an exhibit which showcases the archaeological finds from excavation sites in the area.