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Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, Dubai

Located just off Dubai Creek in the Al Shindagha area, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House is one of the most prominent sights in Dubai. The building itself is a stark contrast to the towering skyscrapers we’ve come to associate with modern Dubai, but its appearance, structure and historical significance make it a must-see attraction for anyone planning a trip to Dubai.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons. Copyright Diego Delso

The house was first established in the late 1800s, making it over 120 years old, and was the official residence of Dubai’s ruler between 1912-1958, whom the house is named after – Saeed Al Maktoum. The house itself is an architectural marvel; the carved stone structure has an ancient yet majestic appearance. This essence is only enhanced at nightfall, at which point the house is illuminated with vibrant, colourful lights.

However, there is more to see at Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House than just the building itself. There is a museum within the house, where there are countless artefacts and images of old town Dubai. Spectacular views of the Dubai skyline can also be enjoyed from the house’s top floor.