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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida

Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay is a fabulous theme park in Florida, offering thrilling rides as well green outdoor spaces far and wide. This park is also home to animals from all over the world; making it a fantastic family day out for thrill-seekers and animal lovers.

Cobra’s Curse is a great ride, with twists and turns that will give the whole family a thrill as you hurtle down the exciting, unexpected drops. For those who have a head for heights and want spectacular views of the entire park before plummeting to the earth at speed, then Cheetah Hunt is the ride for you.

Busch Gardens has a range of animals you can enjoy gazing at while waiting to try out the next rollercoaster, and you can see the majestic silverback gorillas, or the awesome lions and tigers lazing and relaxing in the sun. Don’t forget to swing by to see the lovable sloths, penguins and meerkats, too.