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Food and Drink, Florida

You will find delicious eateries everywhere you go in Florida, with sumptuous seafood on offer pretty much everywhere you roam; caught right by the ocean. Tuck into a dish at Biltmore Brunch for an impressive range of freshly-prepared dishes, or try Jax Beach Brunch Haus for honest, tasty food with a jazzy twist. From American diners to sophisticated restaurants and trendy, chic rooftop bars, there is something on offer here for everyone.

Flora-Bama Lounge

Perhaps one of the most famous beach bars in the United States, Flora-Bama is loved for its live music events, tasty oysters and excellent atmosphere. Located in the Key West region of Florida, Flora-Bama opened in 1964 and has since reached an iconic status with all who visit.


Jax Beach Brunch Haus

Jax Beach Brunch Haus is a wonderful diner located on Jackson Beach, where you can enjoy a range of delicious food after spending the day at the beach in the glorious Florida sunshine. Try anything from brunch food, including the likes of delicious poached eggs…


Latitudes at Sunset Key Cottages

If you want to treat yourself to a spot of elegant fine dining while on your holiday in Florida, you can do so at Latitudes – an award-winning restaurant at Sunset Key Cottages in Key West. Here, the tasteful bar and stylish…


Local Cuisine

While many regions have drifted away from their local dishes, the various creations to have originated in Florida are still heavily present on menus throughout the state. Your day will likely start with a cold glass of Florida orange juice at breakfast…


Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Michael’s Genuine Food And Drink is a casual neighbourhood dining spot which showcases the recipes and food of Michael Shwartz, with his aim being to provide high-quality food in an unpretentious environment that everyone can enjoy.


Rooftop bars

Florida’s tropical climate and friendly atmosphere is perfect for sitting outdoors with a cold refreshing drink, which is why rooftop bars are so popular throughout the state. Whether you’re looking for somewhere with a relaxing, laid back atmosphere with an ocean view…


Seafood restaurants

Seafood is a core part of Florida’s cuisine, with Florida stone crab, Apalachicola oysters and Cedar Key clams all being created here. Smoked fish spreads are also highly popular here and are a staple of the average Floridian’s diet.


Sweet Liberty

Found in the trendy South Beach district of Miami Beach, Sweet Liberty is the perfect rest stop to indulge in glorious food and tasty cocktails. This highly popular restaurant is loved by beachgoers for its incredible menu of glorious cheat dishes.


The Biltmore Brunch

The Biltmore Brunch at Coral Gables can offer you a friendly service and spectacular food within gorgeous surroundings. This eatery offers a huge range of seafood for you to taste and try, from salmon to caviar, shellfish and even sushi…


The Circle, The Breakers

The Circle restaurant at Palm Beach offers you sumptuous food in luxury surroundings, and whether you’re going to the breakfast buffet or the Sunday brunch service, make sure you book your reservations far in advance.