Customer Service


Aburiya Raku, Las Vegas

Aburiya Raku is an authentic Japanese restaurant, located in the popular Seoul Plaza in Las Vegas. This restaurant’s goal is to keep customers happy by cooking and serving up traditional and delicious Japanese delicacies. In fact, each month, the restaurant showcases a selection of the finest sake of Japan; providing you with an original Japanese experience.

Image source: Flickr. Copyright T.Tseng

You can eat here for lunch or dinner in the evening, all while savouring the cosy and intimate ambience of the restaurant itself. Enjoy the likes of grilled rice balls in broth, with toppings of ume plum or grilled salmon, as well as juicy deep-fried chicken, agedashi tofu and crispy asparagus okaki, to name just a few options from the extensive menu here. 

Speaking of the menu, staff are more than happy to guide you through it step by step, to ensure you get the best dish to suit your palate and understand exactly what is in each meal. So, for delicious off-street dining, welcoming staff and a truly excellent food experience, head to Aburiya Raku.