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The Underground, Las Vegas

Enjoy a drink with a difference by visiting the impressive Underground at The Mob Museum. Here, Las Vegas travellers can enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and experience the tales of the 1920s while perusing the museum’s artefacts and in-depth descriptions on what once happened here. 

There is a nostalgic feel in the air at the Underground, thanks to the fascinating memorabilia everywhere you turn. You can tour the on-site distillery, to get a real feel for what once happened here and even visit an original speakeasy. 

To get into this authentic bar, you will be given a password from the museum staff which you will then use to access the secret entrance. Even the process of entering this space itself will take you back in time and help you relive the thrilling moment when drinkers entered the premises during the prohibition of the 1920s. 

The experience in itself is a real eye-opener and so this immersive bar is certainly worth visiting, whether you’re after an exotic cocktail or just a take on the speakeasy experience.