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#DoItForTheStories Day

Do It For The Stories Day

13 Million People Have A Life Changing Experience While On Holiday

In the lead up to national Make Up Your Own Holiday Day - a holiday celebrated across the globe on 26th March - we at wanted to find out what UK travellers seek when planning a holiday abroad. This national holiday creates a space for anyone to invent their own holiday day of choice; leading us to create our very own “For The Stories Day”, to celebrate the unforgettable memories travellers make while on holiday.

To discover more about UK holidaymakers’ current holiday experiences, we reached out to our followers on social media, with an aim to uncover UK travellers’ interests and intentions when they go on holiday. We asked our 500,000 followers if they have ever had a life-changing experience while holidaying.

The Results

Respondents were asked about what experiences they brought home with them and, more importantly, how this impacted their overall holiday experience. The poll revealed that a third of respondents (32%) stated that they hope to go on holiday to have a life-changing experience. This has proved that UK travellers now look beyond a relaxing beach break when booking their upcoming holiday, and instead look for trips where they can experience new things, such as cultures and activities, to create new memories.

This determines that, based on the number of UK citizens who holidayed abroad in 2018 (40.6 million), nearly 13 million holidaymakers had a life changing experience on holiday. Remarkably, this equates to almost one fifth (19.5%) of the UK population encountering a life-changing experience while away on holiday, every year.

We at also found that almost three-quarters of respondents enjoyed a holiday which exceeded their expectations. The Facebook survey featured a simple yes or no response, with 70% of people stating that holidays they have ventured on have exceeded their expectations, with only 30% of people saying their holiday hadn’t.

Therefore, proving UK holidaymakers are entirely satisfied with the holidays they book, whether it exceeds their expectations or not. So, we discovered that travellers relish in trips abroad, not just to relax but for the stories and experiences they create.

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*YouGov data, percentage of the UK population who took at least one holiday abroad in 2018 (61% of the UK population in 2018