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Holiday Scoop

Introducing Holiday Scoop

Get all the latest travel news, tips, recommendations and fun with's very own Holiday Scoop! Catch every season here and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you never miss an episode.

Our Presenters

Holiday Scoop - Aimee Holiday Scoop - Craig

Hey guys, we're Craig and Aimee, travel vloggers from South Wales. Our ultimate goal in life is to travel and explore as many places in the world as possible. Having both encountered some scary life threatening illnesses and accidents, we feel like we're so lucky to be in a position to travel and make sure we really make the most of life! We don't take ourselves too seriously, we make each other laugh, and generally have a fab time getting lost.

Season One

We launched our Holiday Scoop series with a bumper season one which included travel advice, money tips, hand luggage hacks, loads of fun holiday-themed games and the chance to win cash towards your next holiday! Check out every episode of the first season here:

Season Two

Things really stepped up a notch in season two, with hosts Craig and Aimee returning to provide even more travel news and advice as well as taking part in some super-fun holiday-themed challenges – all from a brand new set! Take a look here and don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel.

Season Three

The travel natter, news and nonsense continued during the third season as Craig and Aimee returned to provide a light-hearted look at the world of vacationing! We also launched a very special new gameshow, when our hosts were tested on their ability to guess the punchline to a number of holiday-themed jokes and rounded things off with a festive Christmas edition.