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Seeing the best sights the world has to offer means exploring not only thriving cities and idyllic islands, but also the seas and oceans which surround them.

From colourful sea life and vibrant coral reef to moving and remarkable shipwrecks, the beautiful and mysterious sights lying beneath the surface are endless. There’s no better way to experience these sights than equipping yourself with diving apparatus, to get up close to the sea life on a scuba diving adventure. This thrilling activity can be enjoyed by all the family. So, why not embark on a diving holiday and discover the ocean’s most enchanting sights?

What Locations Are The Best For A Diving Holiday?

Scuba diving can be enjoyed at destinations all over the world, with diving schools and excursions being available at a multitude of resorts. However, the best destinations for diving adventures are those where there is a treasure trove of sights to unearth, offering warm calm and clear waters and providing an unimpaired view of the wonders in front of you.

It’s for this reason that Sorrento is an excellent location for diving; the water temperatures are warm all year round and there’s a number of spectacular dive sites, all of which sit along the breathtaking coastline. One of Sorrento’s diving hot spots is by the island of Capri, where the sea caves, cliff walls and secluded grottos make for an exciting underwater adventure. The Banco di Santa Croce is also popular amongst divers, being home to a large and visually stunning reef, alongside a diverse range of beautiful marine life.

For those fascinated by the beauty of coral reefs, there are few better diving spots than those found at the world’s largest reef in Australia - the Great Barrier Reef. This famous, natural wonder makes for an unforgettable diving experience, comprised of over 2,900 individual reefs and over 340,000 square kilometres of coral reef to explore, every inch of which is teeming with sea life.

You don’t have to travel the world to find great dive sites, though; there are plenty of excellent diving destinations located closer to home, including Ibiza, Cyprus and Lanzarote. Similarly, the Greek island of Zakynthos is perhaps one of the world’s most underrated diving destinations, where the clear blue waters are home to an array of sea life, including magnificent sea turtles.

Why Are Diving Holidays So Fun?

Diving holidays are exhilarating for those of all experience levels and all age groups. Even better, no two dives are ever the same, meaning each one is as exciting as the first.

Scuba diving allows you to get up close and personal to sites which would normally be out of reach, including tropical sea life, submerged ruins and hidden treasures. Getting within touching distance of these underwater riches creates a sense of thrill and adventure, which few other holidays can rival; making a diving holiday a truly unforgettable and enlightening experience.

For a lot of people, opportunities to go diving can be quite rare, so a dedicated diving holiday gives you the chance to fully indulge in this activity and entirely reap the rewards of doing so. If diving is new to you, embarking on a diving getaway will allow you to learn a cherished new skill, while ticking another memorable experience off from your bucket list.

Your first diving experience is always one of the most memorable, but the joy that comes from diving doesn’t diminish over time. There is so much to explore beneath the surface that you never know which sights you might uncover, or what sea life may pass you by.



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