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Dog-Friendly Holiday Lodges

Struggling to find dog-friendly lodges to accommodate your pooch? Well, don’t fret; we’ve got a whole bunch of dreamy deals dotted across the UK for you to choose from. There is no shortage of pristine pads that will happily welcome you and your furry companion with open arms (and paws) because no one wants to leave their favourite hound behind when embarking on an exciting escape. Treat yourself to a restful retreat in the location you desire the most and let every member of your family experience it with you. Don’t waste a minute more - peruse our range of inclusive getaways at, now!

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Perfect, Pet-Loving Lodges

A world of holiday homes awaits you and your prized pet. You no longer have to worry about who is going to pup-sit while you’re away because wherever you decide to go, you can bring them with you. Phew! As you browse for a break with your caring canines, remember to check how many of your furry friends can sleep in the lodge you’re ogling over. Countless places permit up to around three four-legged sidekicks to stay with the rest of your squad. So, you can take a number of your humble hounds with you, depending on where you select to stopover.


Puppy-Friendly Destinations

There are plenty of cosy residences for you to settle down in with your tail-wagging chum. Why don’t you head to remarkable Richmond, nestled in North Yorkshire? You can hike incredible trails together during the day and sit by a crackling open fire in the evenings, allowing you to make the most of every minute. Or, reside in Matlock - a traditional town situated in Derbyshire. Stroll beside the River Derwent, admire the stunning scenery and watch your doggo pant with excitement as they outrun you in the park. If you’d prefer to be even closer to the water, venture to Cumbria’s old capital, Penrith, where your marvellous mutt can run circles around the private jetty and make a real splash!


Seek Out Green Spaces

If you’re travelling with your canine, you won’t be the only one hoping to roam free throughout your escape. Owning an animal means the first thing you look for in a property is an unspoilt, spacious garden. Not to worry; you’ll easily uncover an inviting abode that ticks every box. Most dog-friendly holiday lodges come equipped with their own patch of grassy greenery, ideal for your fluffy pals who will be eager to play a game of fetch once you arrive. Plus, surrounding yourself with thriving emerald forests is really important when seeking a staycation with your doggies, so be sure to research the region beforehand.


Visit Coastal Hotspots

When looking for a getaway with your four-legged buddy, be sure to search for plush properties close to the colourful coast, for wonderful waterfront adventures. You can discover numerous pup-friendly beaches sprinkled across the UK, which means your whole family is set for a fun-filled week-long (or weekend) trip. In the village of Hartland in Devon, you can leave your divine dwelling to take a leisurely walk along the beachfront, inhale the salty sea air and let your pooch off their lead to bound across the sands. Alternatively, unwind in the seaside town of Newquay and enjoy staying near a host of sandy spots.