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Long Haul Holidays

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A heavenly beach retreat in the Caribbean, a week of idyllic temples and spa treatments in Thailand, an escape to the tranquil, turquoise waters of the Maldives or a sightseeing and shopping break in Dubai are just a few of the options you can choose from when you’re looking for a long distance holiday.

If you want to escape the cold British winter, a faraway holiday is the perfect option. Most of Europe tends to be chilly from November to February, so the blue skies and sun-warmed beaches of Mexico and Florida are pretty tempting choices around this time of year! Exotic destinations can add up quickly, but with our tips, you'll be able to find great value holiday deals.

Popular Long Haul Holiday Destinations

  • Mexico
  • Mexico is one of the world’s best-loved package holiday destinations, largely because of all the amazing all inclusive resorts. The convenience of these resorts makes it ideal for anyone seeking a stress-free week on the beach, cocktail in hand!

  • Dubai
  • The towering metropolis of skyscrapers and shopping malls in Dubai make it the New York of the East, where visitors can enjoy fantastic water parks, world class shopping and the world’s only 7-star hotel! The surrounding desert is ideal for indulging your adventurous side with a camel safari or quad bike tour.

  • Cuba
  • In the last few years Cuba has become one of the world’s hottest holiday spots, with people flocking to see its old world charm before it’s modernised by USA influence. Whether you’re dreaming of the retro cars and charming streets of Havana or the heavenly beaches of Varadero, you can’t help but fall for Cuba!

  • Thailand
  • Wherever you go in Thailand you can expect to live like a king (or queen!) on next to nothing. Barter at street markets in Bangkok, party in Phuket or spa in Ko Samui, and enjoy the feeling of splashing out while barely spending any money at all!

  • Cape Town
  • South Africa is incredibly cheap, particularly in terms of food and drink, so a Room Only or B&B stay is definitely recommended - all inclusive/full board is very hard to find unless you’re staying at a safari lodge. The locally produced meat and wine is excellent, so you can eat extremely well on the cheap!

    How to Find Cheap Long Haul Holidays

    Know the shoulder seasons: Shoulder season is the period between the high prices of peak season and the bad weather of off-peak, when you can still get pretty good weather but avoid the high price tag. It’s the best of both worlds and means you'll be able to get a faraway cheap holiday!

    Look at in-resort costs: Choose a destination with a low cost of living so you can minimise accommodation costs by booking room only and eating out for cheap. It also reduces the general pressure of saving; once you’ve paid for your flights and a hotel your required spending money will be minimal.

    Book an indirect flight: Direct flights are obviously the fastest and most convenient option, but also the most expensive. By booking indirect flights for your faraway holidays, you can save a lot of money even if the wait between flights is only a few hours.

    Stay for longer: To make the longer flight really feel worth it, long haul holidays are best enjoyed on a 2-week break; a 14-night package is usually only marginally more expensive than a 7-night one anyway.

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    Visit Mexico and experience the best of both worlds. There’s the warm pacific waters and jungle landscapes on one side, and the stunning Caribbean coast and fabulous coral reefs on the other.



    Just below the Bahamas, Cuba is synonymous with vintage rum and cigars enjoyed in the shade of a rustic taverna. Havana may be a charming blast from a 1950s past but the coast is everything you would expect from a Caribbean retreat: turquoise seas, white sands and heavenly high temperatures.



    Whether you want dusk-til-dawn parties or absolute seclusion, Thailand is an exciting, diverse, beautiful and culturally-rich paradise.