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Look through any family photo album and you’re bound to find holiday snaps taking pride of place. The reason is quite simple - family holidays are where memories are made. The opportunity to spend time with your loved ones on a beautiful sunny beach is something everyone cherishes.

They are a great chance to get the whole family together and enjoy some quality time! You get some time to relax and unwind, whilst your kids can experience a new place, make new friends and go back to school with some great stories to tell!

The Best Destinations for Family Friendly Breaks

The Best Family Friendly Hotels in Europe

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Labranda Isla Bonita

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Bellevue Club Hotel

Rosamar Garden Resort Hotel, Costa Brava

Rosamar Garden Resort

Lanzarote Paradise Hotel

Lanzarote Paradise

The Best Activities for All Ages

Relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun is probably high up on the agenda for your summer holiday. However, lazing around all day and reading a good book might not be everyone’s idea of fun, so why not head out for the day? With housework, television, games consoles and all other distractions left behind at home, the possibilities are endless. You can hit the beach, have fun at water parks or explore a new place with your nearest and dearest.

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How to Save Money on Half Term Holidays

Travel in late summer: If you want to go away during the summer holidays, cut costs by focusing on the week before the kids go back to school. Packages are generally cheaper for the last week in August and first week in September, as most people prefer to jet off earlier in the holidays.

Book early: There are several advantages to booking your family friendly holidays in EEurope or further afield far in advance. You'll be able pick from a full range of package holidays before they start getting booked up, and you could get an early booking discount or be offered other benefits to persuade you to book. Common early booking holidays with kids include free child places and low deposits.

Go all inclusive: All inclusive family holidays are great value for money; you pay a little more upfront, but when you take into account that you’re getting all your meals and drinks included, it’s a real bargain! Make sure that snacks and ice creams are also covered so that when the kids are hungry, you’ll never have to say no.

Tips for Travelling with Children

Getting there is half the fun on a family holiday, or at least it should be. Here are our tried and tested tips for making the journey bearable:

Choose your seats wisely: As tempted as you are not to, book your seats to ensure the whole family is sat together on the plane, and where best than to sit at the back? The rear of the plane is quick to get on and off from, near to the toilets and first in line for snack trolley. Window seats also a good bet as inquisitive children can spot landmarks or play eye-spy.

Bring some entertainment: Travelling can be boring for an adult, so time will go even slower for a child. Bringing a few home comforts like their favourite toy, or something brand new that will hold their interest for longer, is a must. We recommend books, toys and music players.

Keep the snacks flowing: Always take your own snacks when travelling! People forget that you can bring food through airport security, so pack a lunch box for everyone. Long journeys tire the whole family out, but a nice meal and a sugar rush will always lighten the mood.

Whatever sort of holiday with kids you have in mind for half term, save money by searching and comparing family deals on

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Famous for its fantastic fresh fish restaurants, hot spicy piri-piri chicken, lively bars and unspoilt beaches it’s not hard to see why the Algarve remains a firm favourite year after year.



Just over a two hour flight away, Majorca still has to be one of the most popular all year round holiday destinations with something to suit everyone.



Bask on the beaches, enjoy plenty of complimentary Raki and wander through the giant gorges in awe, Crete is a diverse island with a true traditional vibe.