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Holidays to Malta

Malta holidays provide not only picturesque beaches and sizzling sunshine, but unique culture and ancient history, too – making it a diverse destination for the whole family to visit.

Malta is famous for its spectacular scuba diving scene; paired with its famous crystal clear waters, this idyllic location makes for unforgettable experiences and enchanting views of the local sea life. The nightlife here is magical, too. With beachfront bars offering tantalising Maltese cuisine and stunning sea-front views, alongside famous music festivals showcasing local and worldwide talent each year, there is plenty to do on an evening.

Valletta, Malta’s quirky capital city is a favourite among tourists, for its peaceful atmosphere, quaint location and breathtaking scenery. Rabat is another Maltese town oozing with charm, home to some fantastic historical sights like the Cathedral of St. Paul. With something for everyone, Malta is the perfect destination to soak up the sun and explore local culture.


COST OF A BEER Around €3
3 COURSE MEAL €30 - €35
  • Rich in history

    Malta has over 7,000 years of history. Packed with roman and renaissance heritage, Malta makes for some truly spectacular sights, too. The capital city, Valletta, is enriched in history, with The Museum of Archaeology being a key attraction for historians and avid culture lovers. Rabat is another popular spot for tourists looking to learn more about Malta’s background, with The Museum of Roman Antiquities showcasing some spectacular exhibitions and fascinating artifacts.

  • Diving adventures

    Malta is famous for its amazing diving opportunities, as the tranquil, clear Mediterranean waters provide mesmerising views of the local sea life. The secluded caves and lavish reefs provide a diving experience like no other. There’s an array of different diving experiences to embark on, so whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, you’ll have no trouble finding a trip best suited to your requirements.

  • Unique shopping

    The shopping opportunities in Malta are vast; each shop is truly unique to the culture and heritage here. Maltese Markets are a main attraction for visitors, because they get a real feel for the shopping culture within this vibrant destination. A trip over to an Open-air Market is a must, its sociable atmosphere and local finds are as authentic as they come and there’s one situated in every town and village. New shopping malls are also now part of everyday Maltese life, so be sure to shop around when you’re looking to venture out of the sun.


Whether you’re looking to embark on a scuba diving adventure or discovering some ancient history at the National Archaeology Museum, there’s plenty to do on your Malta holiday. Feed the turtles at Mediterraneo Marine Park and visit the fascinating creatures homed in the reptile park. Or, take the kids out and discover Malta’s local sea life and learn about their origins, at the charming Malta National Aquarium.

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Malta’s beaches are simply exquisite, with turquoise waters, secluded bays and long stretches of golden sand. Armier Bay Beach is perfect for the whole family, with a handy neighbouring restaurant – Mambos, located nearby. For keen swimmers, Paradise Bay beach has a designated swimming area, to lap up the waves and peacefully swim through the clear waters. The beaches in Malta come with surrounding restaurants to take shade in and enjoy tasty food as you overlook the sea.

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Food and Drink

Whether you’re fancying a deliciously seasoned stew, spicy garlic prawns or cheese and meat filled tarts, the Maltese cuisine suits all tastes. The restaurant scene in Malta is varied, offering holidaymakers plenty of choice, from sophisticated diners to quirky cafes. Soft and fluffy Maltese bread is a specialty and is served with every meal. Malta is also filled with many excellent beachfront bars, Paradise Exiles in Silema is a favourite among tourists for its tasty food, ice cold cocktails and spectacular ocean views.

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As well Malta’s glorious, sunny skies there is an array of sightseeing activities to discover the truly magical landscapes, far and wide. Hop on one of the scenic boats floating in the bay at Popeye Village, where you can sail across the turquoise waters and inhale the breathtaking views. History buffs love Malta’s ancient history, which can be experienced at Malta 5D – a short film compiling fascinating information on Malta’s historical background and how it became the country it is today.

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Top Destinations in Malta


Situated on the northern tip of Malta, Bugibba is a popular resort on the rocky coastline of St Paul’s Bay. There’s a lively atmosphere here, where people relax at lidos during the day and hit the town for a party at night.



Often referred to as Malta’s little sister, many people only visit Gozo for a day trip, but staying here can offer a whole different perspective. Gozo has a more laidback and rural feel, and offers plenty opportunity for relaxation.


Mellieha Bay

Mellieha Bay can come as a surprise, a gorgeous spot of golden sand beach that appears unexpectedly on Malta’s rocky northern coastline. The resort’s old town is another surprise treat, just waiting to be explored.



This small resort in the St Paul’s Bay area of Malta packs a punch in the entertainment stakes, with lively markets and casinos as well as a great family-friendly beach.


St Julian’s

St Julian’s is a great base from which to explore Malta – Spinola Bay, Paceville and St George’s Bay are all within walking distance and offer different activities depending on what kind of holiday you’re looking for.


St Paul’s Bay

St Paul’s Bay is one of the most popular destinations on the island, and for good reason. It’s a tranquil resort with a beautiful coastline, a delightful Old Town and restaurants that will set your taste buds tingling.


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