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Holidays to Iceland

A contrast of black, volcanic rock and snow-capped mountains; spewing, red-hot volcanoes and dark, cold winters, Iceland has every ingredient for an inhospitable environment. However, the reverse of this could not be truer. Recognised as one of the most peaceful nations on the planet, friendly Icelandic inhabitants will welcome you with open arms and show you the exciting and unforgettable spirit of their country.

There are no words to describe how beautiful and stunning the landscape of Iceland is. When you visit, you will probably come away just as speechless. Whether you visit in the glorious summer or the twilight of winter, Mother Nature never fails to entertain. Bathe in the warm thermal pools, wait eagerly for the geysers to erupt and to feel true isolation, hike into the desolate Interior where not one human soul resides.

When, or if, you decide to return to civilization after a peaceful day in the country, the bars and restaurants of the capital city Reykjavik offer a warm drink to thaw you out for the evening. Even if you do have one too many, you’ll be sure that a holiday to Iceland is one to remember.


LANGUAGE Icelandic
CURRENCY Icelandic Krona
COST OF A BEER 1150 kr
3 COURSE MEAL 5500 kr

Top Destinations in Iceland


Reykjavik has some of the hottest clubs and bars, interesting art galleries and museums in Iceland, and it’s also used as the main gateway to Iceland’s beauty spots such as the Blue Lagoon.


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