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Holidays to Portugal

Visit the idyllic destination of Portugal, where sun meets culture, rich history and charming nightlife. With an impressive coastline stretching over 1,700 kilometres, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to settle down for the day and explore. Portugal is a surfer’s paradise, thanks to it’s calming atmosphere and mighty waves, so take your board along to experience the ocean for yourself.

Portugal holidays are sunny all year round, even in the chillier months the sun still shines, meaning that the array of sightseeing activities this island offers, can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Many fantastic resorts lie within Portugal, including city favourite – Lisbon, the quirky quarter filled with seafood restaurants, vegetarian buffets, intriguing history and contemporary art museums.


LANGUAGE Portuguese
FLIGHT TIME 2.5-3hrs
3 COURSE MEAL Around €30
  • The exotic Algarve


  • Lively Lisbon

    Lisbon is a city spectacular; renowned for its glittering party life, vivid culture and scenic surroundings. A day trip to any one of the castles in Sintra will astound you, particularly Pena Palace with its fascinating structure and beautifully picturesque gardens. For foodies looking to taste authentic Portuguese seafood in Lisbon, Cervejaria Ramiro is the place to be. Only here can you order lobster straight from the tank and nibble tasty cheeses and bread while you wait.

  • Majestic Madeira

    Madeira is home to some truly magical beaches; it offers an array of choice for active tourists who are looking for a beach holiday with a difference. The beautiful botanical gardens make up the stunning scenery here, so much so that Madeira is actually nicknamed as the ‘Floating Garden’, because the shrubs and wildflowers provide a beautiful palette of colour, among the white and golden sands.


Portugal may emit a calming aura, but don’t let that sway your views on the wildly exciting activity scene it has to offer. From paragliding adventures to abseiling, there is something for all the family to enjoy on a Portugal holiday. Hire a quad bike and take an adrenaline-inducing ride around Portugal. Whether you’re an advanced rider, or you’ve never ridden before, the quad bike tour guides will cater your session to your experience.

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Soak up the sun and sink your toes into the fine, golden sands at one of many blissful beaches in Portugal. Beautiful Algarve beaches offer scenic views as well as sunny skies for avid sunbathers. The secluded coves and cliff backdrops here will take your breath away, as will the beaches in Madeira, which individually offer Portuguese charm from the mossy cliff-back beaches and rocky coves.

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Food and Drink

Lisbon’s quirky bars and eateries make for a fun, cosmopolitan atmosphere, with the choice of charming cafes, vegetarian buffets and authentic seafood restaurants. Watch the sunset and sip on sangria, at Lisbon’s amazing Park Bar – a rooftop car park transformed into a chic spot to drink in style and soak up the scenery. The eclectic mix of modern tavernas and authentic markets in Madeira’s capital city, Funchal, adds a sprinkle of originality to this fantastic destination, too.

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The scenery is so stunning in Portugal; travelers don’t want to leave it behind. Historical Lisbon is adored by history buffs, because it’s home to the unique castle on the hill: St George’s Castle. Wander down the cobbled pavements and study the true craftsmanship of this fantastic building. Aveiro, also named as the ‘Venice of Portugal’ offers breathtaking views of spectacular beaches and brightly coloured Moliceiros (boats), which sit on top of the sparkling canal waters.

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Top Destinations in Portugal


The Algarve, a popular region in sunny Portugal, is home to year-long sunshine, making it the perfect holiday destination to visit not only in summer, but winter too.



A charming destination full of city life and coastal atmosphere, Lisbon will steal your heart with it’s quaint streets and majestic architecture.



The Portuguese island of Madeira is perfect for those looking for secluded spots to discover.



Steeped in history, Porto is an exciting mix of beautiful buildings, delicious food and intriguing museums, just waiting for you to discover. Just a 2-hour flight from the UK, it’s a perfect option for a long weekend!


Location of Portugal


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