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Self Catering Holidays

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If you want total flexibility on your holiday without breaking the bank, a self catering holiday is for you. Instead of being restricted to hotel meal times, equip yourself with your own kitchen and set your own holiday schedule. Self catering is perfect for those who are planning to spend their days out and about, who want to eat when they like and eat the local food. If one day you’re feeling a bit lazy, simply put the pans away and venture out for a meal at a local restaurant. Do things your way with a self catering holiday!

Flexibility: All inclusive is great for those who want to spend most of their holiday in the hotel resort, but if you’re planning on going out during the day you just won’t get the value for money. Self catering allows you to determine your own meal times, so you can come and go as you please without feeling like you’re missing out on meals you’ve already paid for.

Eating local: The idea of doing your weekly shop while on holiday may sound tedious, but going to local food shops and markets is a great way to integrate yourself with local residents and experience the country’s culture. You can shop for the country or region’s local products and experiment at home with new meals – perfect for the adventurous chef!

Fussy eaters: If someone in your group is picky with food or has a special dietary need, self catering is the best way to go. All inclusive buffets, where food is not always labelled, can be a minefield for a fussy eater or someone with an allergy, so having your own kitchen where you can pick your own meals is ideal.

Choose your destination carefully: Prices of course vary from country to country, so you could save on food costs just by going to a destination where groceries cost less. Tools like the Post Office Travel Money Barometer can help you determine where your shopping trolley will be cheapest.

Make packed lunches: If you’re spending the day at the beach or going on a daytrip, save money on lunch by making sandwiches at home and taking them with you. Same goes for snacks and drinks – avoid the high prices of kiosks and vending machines by investing in bags of fruit and multipacks of crisps, snack bars and juice boxes.

Shop at the right places: As in the UK, if you shop at small ‘local’ or ‘express’-style supermarkets you’ll pay over the odds for everything and barely save any money. Find a large supermarket and do a bulk shop for the week, or go to a local food market where the best bargains are often hiding!

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