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Holidays to Spain

A holiday to Spain encompasses everything you could want from a trip away. Relax on some of the most picturesque beaches to be found anywhere in the world and visit culture-rich cities and ancient winding streets, this country has so much to offer.

Take the opportunity to explore the rich cultural history of Spain’s past; visit Toledo’s Old City or the Royal Palace of Madrid and marvel at the incredible architecture.

A holiday in Spain doesn’t have to be all about sun, sea and sand, either; why not cool off from the Spanish heat by booking a ski trip in the snow-covered mountains of Veleta? Alternatively, you could go island hopping, taking in the likes of Tenerife, Majorca and Palma.

Whatever your preference, you’ll also be able to choose from a massive range of bars, clubs and restaurants, which serve up everything from full-English breakfasts to the finest traditional Spanish cuisine – all freshly and authentically prepared.

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Top Destinations in Spain

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  • Discover Spanish nightlife

    Considered to be one of the greatest destinations in

  • Sample Spanish delicacies

    Spanish cuisine is a favourite the world over, and this is your chance to experience the authentic Spanish flavours for yourself. Spain houses countless eateries, from gourmet to budget, which offer the very best of traditional Spanish dishes such as paella, tortillas and gazpacho.

  • Explore Madrid

    Spain’s capital city is absolutely not to be missed during any holiday. The iconic city is home to some of the country’s most historic and significant attractions. The Palacio Real, El Rastro market and El Retiro Park are just a few of the sights you can tick off your bucket list if you take a trip to Madrid.


You’ll never run out of activities to do when you visit Spain. Don’t miss the chance to experience everything from snorkelling to skiing on a Spain holiday. Boat trips, island hopping, mountain hikes and visiting the many ancient attractions are just a few of the experiences you can enjoy during your stay in Spain. Whether you want to stroll along some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world or go skiing on the snow-covered mountains, you’ll never run out of things to do.

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Spain is home to over 5,000 miles of picturesque coastline, much of which is made up of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. No matter where you stay during a Spain holiday, you won’t be far from a clean and sandy beach to stroll along. Whether you’re looking for a bustling beach to enjoy a drink in a beachfront bar or a quiet stretch of coast to relax upon, Spain holidays have it all.

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Food and Drink

Spanish delicacies are some of the finest in Europe. Get a true taste of Spain by sampling a wide range of traditional Spanish dishes during your trip. Not only that, why not check out the many bars, restaurants and nightclubs to be found all over the country? Spain is also home to a wide range of seafood eateries, traditional British pubs, beachfront bars and much, much more. Whatever your personal taste, you won’t have a problem finding something to suit your palette.

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The rich cultural history of Spain means you will have countless attractions to visit during your stay. Whether it’s the Royal Palace in Madrid or Casa Mila arts venue, don’t miss your chance to experience some of the most breathtaking sights in Europe. From theatres and art galleries to museums and ancient structures, amazing sights can be found around practically every corner, especially in the major cities.

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