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Affiliate Programme

What is’s Affiliate Programme?’s Affiliate Programme is an easy way for you to make money while helping us drive calls to our travel providers. All you have to do is sign up, place one of our banners or links on your website or blog, and you’ll start earning commission every time’s partners receive a call because of affiliate content on your site.

Who is’s Affiliate Programme for?’s Affiliate Programme is for anyone who would like to be associated with and would also like to make some extra money via their website or blog.

How can I sign up?

Just click on the banner below to become a part of our programme through Affiliate Window.

Join our Affiliate Programme

Do you have any criteria?

As with most things, there are some criteria affiliates have to adhere to so that you can be part of our programme.

First of all, we ask that you don’t bid on our brand name or variations of our brand name. If you’re part of our affiliate programme, we please ask that you negative match the following terms:

  • "icelolly"
  • "ice lolly"
  • ""
  • ""

Secondly, we please ask that you make sure that you do not use our URL "" in your ads.

Thirdly, please do not drive PPC traffic directly to our site.

The latest version of our brand guidelines can be found in the documents portion of our profile on Affiliate Window, where you can also find logos and banners for you to use.

What’s in it for me?

Well you can earn commission for a start!’s Affiliate Programme is an easy way for you to make money from your site. We work on a commission system with a standard rate of commission per call, although we are always happy to discuss a tiered commission if your site drives high volumes of traffic.

The Affiliate Programme is also very low risk for you. As the customers can’t return our stock, the commission is guaranteed as long as your site drives a call to our travel partners and all correct tracking is in place. We also have a very good Affiliate Window advertiser score, meaning that we’re a trustworthy brand to be affiliated with.

Another benefit is that we’re very flexible to work with. If you need any supporting content, other than the selection we already have, please let us know! You might have specific pages on your site that you want to display the affiliate banner on. Maybe there’s a certain destination you think would fit better with your website or blog. If there is, let us know and we can make bespoke banners for you!

Tracking links are provided, making the process of setting up the affiliate banners very easy and simple.