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The capital of Bermuda is Hamilton, a colourful and lively town that comes across as a cosmopolitan city but is also quaint in its appearance and nature. Situated around a pretty harbour which sees cruise ships dock from around the world, Hamilton attracts those that want to know about Bermuda’s culture and history. Guests can visit Hamilton’s art galleries, museums and beautiful gardens to discover what makes this town the heart and soul of the island.

Things to Do

Front Street is the main hub of Hamilton and there’s no chance you’ll miss it on a holiday to Hamilton. Pastel coloured buildings run the length of the street which sits in the water front and the verandas are perfect for enjoying an afternoon tipple in the sun. The Botanical Gardens are also a charming place to walk around with 36 acres of palm gardens and Victoria Park is an English Style garden complete with a bandstand.

Food and Drink

Along Front Street you’ll find many restaurants looking over the waterfront. These places are a great place to try the catch of the day which can be anything from tuna and lobster to the exotic mahi mahi or snapper. Boiled salted cod and potatoes are the traditional dish here in Bermuda but you’ll only find it served on Sundays so take advantage at the weekend and try this delicious dish while you’re in town!


Horseshoe Bay is a popular attraction if you’re wanting a glorious Bermuda beach day and this is the ideal place to enjoy the sun. With its pink hued sand and bright blue water, it’s often rated as one of the world’s best beaches and you shouldn’t miss out! To see Bermuda’s countryside though, spend some time on the Bermuda Railway Trail, an old disused railway that has been turned into a walking path through Bermuda’s countryside.

Location of Hamilton

Key Facts

  • Language: English
  • Currency: Bermudan Dollar
  • Time Difference from UK: -4
  • Flight time: 7 hours
  • When to go: April - September