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Beaches, Cape Verde

Boasting beaches galore, Cape Verde holidays are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy an island paradise, where you can just sit back and listen to the sound of the waves. With a wide range of beaches to choose from, you’ll never be too far from the coastline. Enjoy water sports, stroll on the sand or just catch some rays.

Baixo Rocha Beach

If you’re looking to find your own idyllic spot of complete seclusion during your holiday, then Baixo Rocha Beach is a must visit. This quaint beach is way off the beaten track; it can only be accessed by road.

Nevertheless, it is well worth making the extra effort to get there, as you’ll be rewarded with a completely untouched slice of beach bliss. Marvel at the remarkable rock formations which dominate the shore, while wandering along the soft white sand. Paddle into the turquoise sea, or if you’d prefer to stay dry, kick back and unwind in this remote segment of bliss, listening to nothing but the waves crashing against the shore.

The beach is completely free of vendors and human civilization, so you’ll have to bring your own supplies to get through the day, but this absence of life just adds to its private, secluded feel.

Pedra de Lume beach

Pedra de Lume beach, on the north-eastern coast of Sal in Cape Verde is a beach with a difference, one which you’ll have to see to believe. The water here is 27 times saltier than normal seawater, which means just like the famous Dead Sea, you are able to actually float on the surface.

The high salt content of the water makes it denser than our bodies and means that we are more buoyant, enabling us to float on the surface as a result. This high salt content works wonders for your skin, too; it coats your body in a thin layer of salt which helps to exfoliate your skin.

The water sits in the eye of a volcano crater, which means it offers pleasant, warm temperatures, comfortable for all swimmers. This peculiar natural anomaly is a fascinating experience and makes Pedra de Lume Beach well worth a visit on Cape Verde Holidays.

Ponta Preta Beach

Ponta Preta Beach in Murderia is an idyllic haven of peace and serenity. Its smooth sandy shores coupled with its vibrant blue seas make it one of the most inviting beach spots in Cape Verde.

Image source: WikiCommons. Copyright Brunobarbato

Ponta Preta is a popular but also a vast stretch of beach, meaning its quiet and peaceful despite the number of visitors. The sea can often produce big waves, making it fun for swimmers and excellent for water sports such as surfing. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more relaxing experience, kick back and unwind on one of the beach’s many sun loungers, or place a towel on the ground and lie on the sandy surface.

There are a number of beach huts and restaurants providing visitors with refreshments and amenities, ensuring everyone remains satisfied and comfortable throughout the day. Ponta Preta also sees stunning sunsets on an evening, so it is well worth staying here until the end of the day, too.

Ponto do Sol Beach

If you’re after a beach with a view, then consider a trip to Ponta do Sol. Situated on the northern tip of the island of Santa Antāo, Ponto do Sol is a small city which boasts one of Cape Verde’s best beaches.

This beach is a dream for active holidaymakers who like to explore the area and take in their surroundings during their visit. There are a number of excellent hiking routes close to the beach, each of which will allow you to take in the striking sights of Ponto do Sol’s mountainous scenery.

If hiking isn’t your thing, head straight to the beach, which has pretty impressive views itself. The rocky coastline and mountainous landscape are both visible from Ponto do Sol’s shores, but despite the dramatic views, the beach itself is far from deafening. Few tourists actually know of this stunning spot, so it tends to be quiet and peaceful.

The sea is great for swimmers, too, another way to get active before unwinding at this stunning location.

Praia da Laginha

Praia da Laginha is a small beach on the north coast of Sāo Vicente island in Cape Verde. This picturesque little beach is home to some of the best beach swimming in Cape Verde; the calm, tranquil nature of the sea makes it easy to swim in for even the most precautious of swimmers.

Nonetheless, the beach is manned by lifeguards to ensure visitors have complete peace of mind while swimming. The lifeguards are very friendly, too, and happily tell visitors about the island’s culture and heritage.

While it’s a bit windier than other beaches on the island, it’s the beauty of this beach that you’ll really be swept away by. The sea is a vibrant blue colour and the beach overlooks stunning, rocky mountains, providing a stunning view for all of its visitors. This beach tends to be very quiet, too, so you can take in the views in complete peace and serenity.

Praia de Chaves

Praia de Chaves is a 5-kilometre sandy beach on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde, which is ideal for couples. As well as being able to boast remarkably clean white sand, which is perfect for casual beach walks, the calm, warm sea’s glorious turquoise colour makes it irresistible for swimmers. Plus, a dip in the ocean is the perfect way to cool off after basking in the summer sun.

There is also a fabulous restaurant here, which has an excellent menu and very friendly staff, making it the perfect location for a romantic meal. Better yet, the sunbeds are free for customers of the restaurant. So, you can sit back and relax while enjoying a range of ice-cold refreshments, before strolling to a sun lounger and resting under the hot sun, all at no extra cost. The beach can be found in the western part of the island, close by to the town of Rabil.

Praia Grande

Literally translating to “large beach”, Praia Grande is a long sandy beach situated in Calhau, on the island of Sao Vicente. Sao Vicente is a volcanic island, home to a treasure trove of striking natural features, formed by volcanic activity.

Praia Grande is the perfect beach to visit if you’re looking to take in some of these stunning natural marvels while unwinding on your holiday. Although the beach is surrounded by many mountainous volcanic rock features, the last volcanic activity to have taken place here is thought to have been at least 11,700 years ago. So, there’s no need to worry about the beach’s surroundings.

Despite its vast size, this beach is relatively untouched by tourism and is relatively unknown; making it ideal for those looking to get away from the hubbub of the main beaches, and find a spot of peace and seclusion.

Santa Maria

Sitting within a large bay on the southern coast of the island of Sal, Santa Maria is one of Cape Verde’s most famous and most beautiful beaches.

Santa Maria beach is a perfect, four-kilometre strip of soft, powder-like golden sand and blissful seas, which are calm and warm all year round. Minimal rocks and shells are in the seabed, making it safe to walk into with bare feet, but there are beach guards on site to guarantee your safety and peace of mind.

Not only is this beach comfortable and visually stunning, but it is well-equipped, too. There’s a wide variety of hotels and beach pavilions on the promenade, which is easily accessible from the beach and will happily supply you with refreshments when you desire them.

Animal lovers should also keep their eyes peeled during their visit, as sea turtles can occasionally be seen swimming in the sea towards the beach to lay their eggs.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a heavenly beach, situated on the southwestern coast of the island of Boa Vista, where soft, powdery sand meets magnificent turquoise waters. This 22 kilometre stretch of heaven is almost perfectly flat and is a nature lover’s dream, surrounded by untouched natural spaces and is often frequented by wildlife.

A variety of birdlife can be spotted here and if you’re lucky, you may even see a humpback whale passing in the distance. However, what makes this beach so special is its vast size and spaciousness. In fact, the beach’s remote and secluded feel location gives you the freedom and space to pick your spot and spend the day unwinding on what will feel like your very own private beach paradise.

At the end of the day, finish off your visit by taking one last stroll across the beach to feel the soft sand seeping between your toes.

Tarrafal Beach

Cocooned within a bay towards the northern tip of Santiago Island, is the picture-perfect Tarrafal Beach. Characterised by prominent rocky hills, glorious golden sands and jaw-dropping sunsets, this small sandy beach in Cape Verde will make you feel like you are living in a fantasy world.

Tarrafal Beach even received a TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for its continued popularity amongst visitors. However, despite its popularity, the beach remains calm and quiet, giving it an unspoilt ambience of peace and serenity.

The beach is also frequented by friendly locals, who happily chat to you about your stay throughout the day, some even sell coconuts for you to enjoy while lying under one of the beaches numerous tall palm trees.

Other locals come here to go fishing and can be seen casting off every morning to find delicious seafood for visitors to enjoy later in the day. Despite its use by the fisherman’s boats, the water is clean and makes for great swimming.