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It has never been as easy to travel East, with many major companies now operating charter flights costs have also dropped dramatically. The diversity and culture of the country is something to be marveled at, offering over 23 world heritage sites, the great wall and Forbidden City to mention just a few. Tourism is growing at a huge pace and there is plenty here to feed the needs of the most discerning traveler. When you have had your fill of culture and historical sites then why not visit one of the dice dens (casinos) see if lady luck is on your side, or enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Beijing’s markets where you can barter for goods, sample local delicacies or just watch the acrobats performing their amazing stunts. If you are a karaoke fan then you will be in your element here as most of the nightlife is centered around Karaoke bars, nightclubs are slowly popping up but are poor in quality in comparison to our western type super clubs. The huge variety of food available in China is amazing, most of it is served fresh which means if fish is on the menu you get to choose it yourself from the tank, superb if washed down with the local rice wine. Lastly don’t forget the beaches, you may think that they will not be upto much, but you will be pleasantly surprised I am sure as they can rival any beach in Asia with soft sands, warm waters which combined with the hot sunshine and the fact that they are safe and uncrowded makes for the ideal beach get a way.

Chinese people love their food and I am sure that your trip to this part of the world will become a journey of tastes and smells. Obviously it is not only Chinese food which is on offer here, you can still opt for McDonalds, Japanese,Korean or Indian, the lsit is endless, although most Foreign foods are alot more expensive than the local dishes. Believe it or not it even has its own area called China Town which is home to some of the most expensive restaurants in the city, whilst at night the streets come alive with an array of amazingly cheap food stalls offering dim sum, soft noodles and succulent seafood, the atmosphere and buzz here has to be sampled first hand.

Offering so many amazing sites of historical interest you may need to plan your itinarary with precision in order to visit all that this amazing city has to offer. North of Beijing stands the Great Wall of China, the Zhou dynasty began building this amazing construction at the begining of the 7th Century, its purpose was to stop invaders from the North travelling South, nowadays it is one of the leading tourist attractions in China. No trip would be complete without a visit to the capital Beijing, visit world class palaces, monuments, the Forbidden City and Summer Palace all of these are sure to take your breath away.

You will need a visa to visit China but not for Hong Kong, this must be obtained before travel and costs approx £30 per adult and £45 per couple. You are strongly recommended to take Anti-Malaria tablets prior to travel and insect repellent should be applied generously.

Location of China

Key Facts

  • Language: Mandarin
  • Currency: Renminbi
  • Time Difference from UK: 8
  • Flight time: 10 - 11 hours
  • When to go: April - May and September - November