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Varadero is a holiday resort that rests in the Matanzas Province in Cuba. It is a picturesque town that offers extreme beauty and is the largest resort in the Caribbean. Often described as 'Paradise' for its calm and clear beaches, Varadero is perfect for those who can really appreciate natural beauty as well as beneficial luxury hotels and exciting tourist opportunities. It offers a perfect loving welcome to its visitors, catering for its thousands that visit and fall in love with the resort, by being underneath its worshiped sun and walking on its white sands. Throughout the day you will find yourself swimming, exploring its clean streets and finding shade underneath its tropical palm trees, and when the sun goes down finding yourself sipping cocktails, dining alfresco and enjoying all what makes Varadero magical.

Here in Varadero you will find that many Cuban restaurants offer fresh seafood including crab, shrimps and prawns. You will also find all kinds of tender meats including bacon, beef and lamb to make up all kinds of spiced dishes like stews and casseroles. Home favourites are also available here, and some with a twist; pumpkin soups, vegetable pies, peanut flavoured marinated chicken and fajitas. You will also find many mainland Caribbean, Spanish, Greek and African influenced ingredients finding chicken and rice, olives, hummus and Boliche.

Varadero's beaches have to be its most loved feature, due to them being so peaceful and well maintained as well as offering amazing views. Varadero has also been proven to those who love a game of golf, as it offers golf courses that professionals dream of. There are even opportunities to go caving here too! Try out the fascinating and adventurous Saturno and Ambrosio Cave. Here you can also experience the once in a lifetime activity of swimming with dolphins, where you may even find yourself so close to them to stroke and kiss. You will also find plenty of opportunities to shop, explore the many museums and visit its natural parks too.

Location of Varadero

Key Facts

  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Cuban Peso
  • Time Difference from UK: -5
  • Flight time: London: 9-10 hours
  • When to go: November to April