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Holidays to Prague

Think of the big cities in Europe and you’ll probably think of the classics; London, Paris and Rome (to name but a few). All are beautiful cities with bold architecture and a history that would take years to study, yet there are few capitals which can rival the greats of Europe until you mention Prague.

The capital city of the Czech Republic has everything to be a strong contender against its European rivals. Vivid orange tiled roofs create a stunning backdrop for the church spires, towers and palaces which dot the horizon. The bridges – which cross the Vltava River, are also some of the oldest stone bridges in the world.

With a rich history and many cobbled streets to wander between, Prague is an intriguing place filled with museums and art galleries, and the Old Town Square is perfect for taking part in the age-old activity of people watching. Oh, and did we mention that Prague has some fantastic bars and creates some of the best beers in the world? It’s no wonder Prague city breaks are becoming more and more popular.


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FLIGHT TIME London: 1.5 - 2 hrs
  • The Captivating Prague Castle

    In the Guinness World Record book, the Captivating Prague Castle is actually the largest coherent castle complex in the world, founded around 880 by Prince Bořivoj. This structure boasts all kinds of architecture, from the Romanesque to the Gothic and has had many modifications since the Velvet Revolution. Travellers can catch the changing of the guard, or enjoy a coffee in the cafe, surrounded by what can only be described as a visual feast.

  • The Charming Charles Bridge

    As you walk across Charles Bridge, countless statues of saints loom above you, and on a cold misty day, this is particularly special. It crosses the river Vltava and was commissioned to replace the older Judith bridge in the mid 14th century. You can pass through the Bridge Tower and carry on to the Old Town, to find more delights on your Prague holiday.

  • The Jewish Bridge

    The Jewish Museum is a cluster of Jewish monuments, ranging from fascinating synagogues to the Ceremonial Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery. This museum was established in 1906 to collect and display Jewish history and visitors can learn how the Nazis took over the museum, and the changes they tried to make to the presentation of Jewish history on display here. Make sure you check out the Old-New Synagogue – Europe’s oldest working synagogue.


Prague is a city filled with adventurous activities to embark on. Venture on walking or river tours – where you can truly explore Prague’s idyllic surroundings, starting at the historic area of Malá Strana, before discovering the colourful Vrtba Garden. There is also a host of events held throughout the year to attend, including St. Matthew’s Fair, as well as exciting activity spots like the Lego Museum and the National Technical Museum, both of which the whole family can enjoy.

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Although Prague isn’t your typical beach destination, there are plenty of beach spots here for locals and visitors to enjoy. The neighbouring rivers and reservoirs here provide the perfect places to unwind, where travellers can enjoy a picnic and cool down on a warm summer’s day, all while overlooking beautiful scenery.

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Food and Drink

As well as world class beer, Prague holidays are famous for their offering of traditional and tasty Czech food, consisting of meats, dumplings, thick soups and stews, and Prague’s famous Goulash. Mushrooms that grow in local forests can be found in an array of dishes, and Czech sourdough and rye bread are especially tasty. Make sure you try Bramboráky, a delicious potato pancake, as well as Pernik, which likens to gingerbread – made with cinnamon and honey.

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Prague is a city filled with truly magical sights. Start your sightseeing adventures at the 700-year-old Lobkowicz Palace, which houses countless pieces of priceless art, or if you’re an avid music lover, head over to the iconic John Lennon Wall. Alternatively, wander over Charles Bridge and look upon the towering St. Vitus Cathedral, or the quaint St. Wenceslas Chapel, before seeing the colourful houses of Golden Lane.

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